鈪?LX- 6EL Auto PET Bottle Blowing Machine Feature
2.1 New Auto Preform Unscrambler System
鈼廜ur machine adopts one-way preform-feeding structure and preform-separating is powered by servo motor structure that helps solve the preform block and abrasion problem.
鈼廡here is one photoelectric sensor to monitor the preform-loading and preform-separating process that will warn the operator to add the preforms into the hopper when lacks preform instead of stopping the machine.
2.2 New Heating System
lPerfect heating system design helps decrease the power consumption.
lSpecial oven design helps power saving and is easy maintain.
lEach lamp鈥檚 position and temperature can be adjusted according to clients鈥?needs.
lCooling water circular system helps keep the oven temperature constant.
2.3 The Application Of Servo System On Main Transmission
The transmission system adopts the special chains and is powered by servo motor, which helps orientate the preform heating base quickly, accurately and steadily when the machine starts running.
2.4 Servo Technology Innovation On Clamping System & Stretching
鈼廠ervo technology is applied in the clamping system, which can shorten the mould-clamping time and improve productivity.
鈼廐igh pressure mold-locking unit helps solve the swelling mold and big joint line problems.
2.5 Easy To Change Bottle Shape
Drawer type mold structure design makes it easy to change the mold. Within one hour, a mold can be replaced under the condition of the same bottleneck diameter.
2.6 Intelligent Human-Machine Interface
lHuman-machine interface control, easy operating and monitor.
lLive production information supervision and auto record production data everyday
lFailure warning and troubleshooting.
鈪?LX-6EL Machine Technical Parameter
3.1 Technical parameter
Item LX锛?EL
Main machineMaximum Bottle capacity2000ml
Maximum bottle diameter桅106mm
Neck diameter桅18~38mm
Maximum bottle height under neck

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