Our History
Ningbo Horizon Magnetic Technologies Co., Ltd is a China forerunner in manufacturing magnetic fixing products for the precast concrete industry. As an integrated company from Neodymium magnet production to precast concrete magnets, we have unrivalled expertise and rich experience in the magnet field, which helps us stay ahead in conceiving and producing new generation magnetic fixing systems to help precast concrete factories improve production efficiency and cost reduction.
Our Factory
The Neodymium magnet is the core component for all magnetic fixing products. Thanks to our own quality magnet production, we specialize in developing and producing high quality precast concrete magnets, such as shuttering magnet box, magnetic chamfer, insert magnet, busing magnet, magnetic shuttering system, etc.
Quality first is our philosophy, which is integrated into our thought and every-day work. Since our foundation, we have been focusing on the oversea markets. So far, more than 85% of our precast concrete magnets are exported to Germany, France, UK and US, which are stringent in quality requirement.
Our Product
Shuttering Magnet, Magnetic Chamfer, Insert Magnet, Magnetic Shuttering System
Product Application
Precast Concrete Production
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Magnetic Properties Tester, Bending Machine, Milling Machine, Grinding Machine
Production Market
Focus on oversea market, and 95% products exported to Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, US, Australia and New Zealand
Our Service
When you have difficulty in fixing precast formworks, just feel free to contact us for assistance. Our magnetic engineers will work with you through your whole project process, and often make design optimization recommendations to achieve high performance and improve manufacturability. If you encounter any problem when you use our magnets, don鈥檛 hesitate to give us a feedback, which is very useful and important to us. The problem may help us to find the flaw and find a solution so as to keep continuous improvement. We look forward to a long term partner relationship rather simple buyer-seller relationship.3/4” Magnetic Chamfer Strip

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