1. Product Brief
Universities and research labs conducting lots of research & experiments which require temperature sensing & monitoring far exceed market average requirements.
Herch Opto supports R&D and educational activities with precise & cost effective fiber optic temperature sensor & monitoring system, which are of high dielectric performance, immune to external influence (magnetic fields, X-ray, corrosion, vibration etc.) that can help research engineers & professors carry out their researches, no matter it is electrical, chemical, physical, medical or biological, with reliability and in a safe environment.
2. Technical data
Model Number.HQ-12
Temperature Range-20鈩?150鈩?/span>
Temperature Accuracy卤1鈩?/span>
Temperature Resolution0.1鈩?/span>
Number of ChannelsUpto 12 channels
Temperature Unit鈩?/span>
Display ModeDigital tube display
Response Frequency1 second per channel (Depend on probes鈥?position)
Temperature Frequency1Hz
Optic InterfaceST Optic Connector
Power SupplyAC 220V/50Hz(+20%)/DC: 24V(Customizable)
Digital InterfaceTwo RS-485
Power Consumption锕?W
Communication ProtocolModbus
Fiber Optic LengthPer requirement
Probe Diameter脴2.3mm
Staring Temperature-20鈩?65鈩?/span>
Storage Temperature-40鈩?65鈩?/span>
Storage Humidity20%-80%
3. Advantages of fiber optic temperature sensor
鈭欴irect measurement, high accuracy
鈭?nbsp;Does not or will not carry electrical current
鈭?Immune to electromagnetic interference, corrosion, vibration, radiation
鈭?nbsp;Can be positioned in hard-to-reach or view places
鈭?nbsp;Can measure small or precise locations
4. Application referenceResearch & Educational Temperature Measurement supplier

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