1. Product Introduction
Military Belt is a type of belt with special weaved webbing, can be used as Army Belt, Police Belt, Tactical Belt Or Commando Belt.
Hengtai Group Supplies Military Belt with PP, Polyester, Cotton Nylon Or real Leather webbing. We devoted ourselves to Military Belt since 2003, mainly covering Malaysia, Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia Army and Police. We are expecting to become your long-term partners in China.
2. Product Specifications, Details, Application and Terms
ProductMilitary Belt with PP Polyester Webbing
Webbing Material of Military BeltPP, Polyester, Nylon, Cotton Or real leather
Buckle Material of Military BeltIron, Copper, Plastic Or Nylon
Color of Military Belt WebbingArmy Green, Khaki Brown, Navy Blue, Black, White, Red, Camouflage, Multiple Color, etc.
Structure of WebbingPlain Or Twill
Pattern Of Military BeltUS Army Style Or British Army Style, like 58” Pattern Military Tactical Belt
Application of Military BeltFor Army and Police Wear.
MOQ.Of Military Belt2000pcs
3. Product Qualification
ISO Certified Manufacturer and Supplier of Military Belt.
4. Special requirement for Deliver and Shipping Military Belt
Unless there is Army Or Police logo in the Belt buckle, the belt can be shipped as common goods.
5. FAQ
What about the quality of China-made Military Belt?
Made In China is famous in the world, if you don鈥檛 only want low price, quality Military Belt is no any problem.
Can you produce British 58鈥?Pattern Military Tactical Belt?
Original British 58鈥?Pattern Military Belt is cotton webbing with small bullet pouches in the belt. To weave such belt, it needs special machines. In China, it is difficult to find such machines now, but if you have confirmed order, we can produce for you.Buy Military Clothing

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