Outdoor water pipe HDPE grade
1, The introduction of water HDPE pipe
The full name of PE Chemistry is polyethylene. PE materials are widely used in the field of water supply and drainage manufacturing due to their high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, and wear resistance. Because it does not rust, it is an ideal pipe material to replace ordinary iron water supply pipes.
Product nameOutdoor water pipe HDPE grade
Working pressure0.6MPa ~ 2.0MPa
FeaturesConvenient transportation. easy to install
MaterialPE, Polyethylene
Executive standardISO14001, ISO9001,ISO4427
2, The advantages
1) Good chemical stability: HDPE molecule has no polarity, good chemical stability, does not breed algae and bacteria, and does not scale. It is an environmentally friendly product.
2) Good connection strength: socket electric fusion or butt fusion is adopted, with few joints and no leakage.
3) Good resistance to low temperature brittleness: the embrittlement temperature is (-40鈩?, and no special protective measures are required during construction under low temperature conditions (0鈩?.
4) Aging resistance and long service life: HDPE pipes can be stored or used outdoors for 50 years without damage due to ultraviolet radiation.
3, Company Service
Our company has a professional team with 50 years鈥?experience in R&D, manufacture and sales.
1) Our engineer will provide suggestions which product is fit for your use accordingly material, working pressure, wall thickness, wear resistance, tensile strength, working temperature, etc.
2) Any problems during installation & use of water pipe, we have dedicated after-sales person who help to solve them.
Focus on R&D, producing and application of water pipe is our mission. Concentrate on the conveyance of water under pressure, offer highly efficient solutions for the pipe system is our responsibility.
4, Certificate
5,Contact usChina HDPE Pipe

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