Pagoda Outdoor Party Tent popular sizes including 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m.
its self-developed connection tent structure, more than one set of pagoda tent can be combined randomly to make unlimited creativity structure, it can be installed and dismantled very quickly, only 10 minutes to set up one set 3m x 3m, made of aluminum alloy, which is more stable and durable than iron and wood structures.
UV resistant and waterproof PVC fabric, rich accessories including clear PVC Tarpaulin, Window Curtain, Interior Ceilings, Flooring and so on.
The Specification of the Pagoda Outdoor Party Tent
With the growth of international sporting events that holding in some major cities, the audience began to know more about the sport event tent, in fact, many tents with nearly the same appearance, but the internal details are totally different. However, it is precisely these different details determine the event success for failure. The details affect the overall structural performance and safety, bad details resulting in the service of entire event greatly reduced.
Pagoda Outdoor Party Tent not only adheres to the use of high-quality aluminum and tarpaulin to make the structure of sport of sports event tent more secure and more beautiful but also constantly improve the design to reduce the time of assembly and dismantling for better user experience. We also focus on creating various types of new designs to meet the different needs of customers.Pagoda Tent factory

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