ECF-S/E full automatic vertical cylinder block PU foaming machine can produce various kinds of PU foam, from 12kg/m鲁to 35 kg/m鲁 density. It can produce regular foam, flame-retardant foam and flame lamination foam. We have more than 15 years鈥?experience in PU foaming machine, the oldest of automatic horizontal PU foam production line which manufactured by ESUN still in using from 1995. We also supply productive technology for our value customer. Our technicians have more than 20 years' experience in PU production technology. In 2008, we are developed ECF-S/E series cylinder block PU foaming machine with latest technology, and it keeping upgrades.
ECF-S is a standard model in ESUN vertical cylinder block PU foaming machine series. It with high cost performance, powerful functions, highly automated. It suitable for high quality, high efficiency and multi-varieties production. ECF-E is an advanced upgrade model based on S standard PU foaming machine. It upgrades control system to be Siemens S7-200 PLC
and 10鈥?HMI, use Kracht pump from Germany. It also equipped digital flow meter and full-auto flow close loop control system.
鈼?PLC and HMI control system
鈼?Fast & easy digital wheel panel
鈼?Digital flow monitor and auto-control system
鈼?Dual mode for pressure foaming and none pressure foaming (option)
鈼?Automatic material temperature constant system
鈼?Digital pressure gage
鈼?Advanced block cutter
鈼?Full-automatic cylinder block clamp and move deviceFoam Machine manufacturers

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