This type of activated carbon is mainly used in various solvent recovery devices and is also a kind of meteorological adsorption. But it needs to be able to be adsorbed at the same time, it can also be resolved. This requires strict control of pore distribution during the manufacturing process.
Index parameter
(Test Standard GB / 2008)
Product indexJB40-60JB40-70JB40-80JB40-90
Iodine value mg/g鈮?50mg/g鈮?050mg/g鈮?100mg/g1120-1150mg/g
C T C%鈮?0%鈮?0%鈮?0%鈮?0%
Specific surface area950-980銕?g1000-1050銕?g1050-1100銕?g1100-1200銕?g
Water %鈮?%鈮?%鈮?%鈮?%
Ash %鈮?2%鈮?3%鈮?5%鈮?8%
Intensity %鈮?5%鈮?5%鈮?5%鈮?0%
Accumulated weight470卤20kg/m鲁430卤20kg/m鲁400卤20kg/m鲁370卤20kg/m鲁
Company advantage
01: The company is an activated carbon production company located in Chonggang Industrial Park, Ningxia, near the source of activated carbon raw materials.
02: There are many domestic and foreign end customers, who can well grasp the actual needs of customers in different industries.
03: The company has professional production, testing, sales, and after-sales teams, capable of solving all customer problems.
04: It has 12 carbonization lines, 7 activation furnaces and other basic production facilities, and its production scale is at the forefront of the same industry.
05: The factory is 2 kilometers away from Shiyin Expressway, and the transportation is convenient.
06: The company is a production-oriented enterprise with multiple operations, involving industry coal mines, coal washing plants, briquette plants, carbon plants, activated carbon.
1: 25 kg packaging
2: 500 kg packaging
3: Can be customized according to customer needsChina Pellets Activated Carbon

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