It turned out that the old man was Mr. Guo, who was known in Jianghu as "the wild goose took a photo and the wind left a sound". The man claims to be a hundred years old, but he forgets his own name, and the world is named after him. After decades of playing the game of prostitution, he finally threw himself into the account of the King of Lu. He was known as a guest of the Qing Dynasty and was able to serve as a military adviser. Mr. Guo has contributed a lot to the prestige of the King of Lu today. Mr. Guo nodded to Shu Mei, smiled slightly, and the light in his eyes faded away, and he was restored to a rickets old man in his twilight years. He Qianfeng seized the opportunity and said, "Wang Yeh has always been a courteous corporal. Why not follow Shu Mei's advice?" The king of Lu did not speak, frowning into a line, as if there was something puzzling. All the people in the restaurant knew that life and death were all between the words of the King of Lu. Seeing such a scene, they were all at sixes and sevens in their hearts. They did not know what decision he would make. Even Guan Cunjin and Qin Zhaolin hoped from the bottom of their hearts that the King of Lu would listen to Shu Mei's proposal. Although they could not help fighting with such a terrible opponent in the future, it was better than being killed by random arrows at the moment. The King of Lu thought for a long time. His eyebrows gradually relaxed and he burst out laughing. "With the help of Shu Shaoxia, this king can make Sheng Hantang have a headache and can't sleep.". Why not? He raised his hand a wave, five hundred fighters neatly close the arrow bow, all this Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief. With a cry of luck, Shu Mei regained her lazy smile: "Although Shu Mei has always been used to the life of idle clouds and wild cranes, she also knows the truth that a promise must be fulfilled.". Now that he has made up his mind to help the Three Thousand Years Old deal with the Gan Kun Alliance, he will not disgrace his mission. His implication was that he would never be involved in anything else with the King of Lu. Nope With a low roar, the king of Lu looked at Shu's eyebrows. "You are the dragon in the pond, not the king can use it.". All you have to do is to take back the cup of nine dragons and give it to the God of He to serve on the emperor. The king has already made a plan to deal with the matter of Gan Kun Meng,heavy duty racking system, and there is no need for Shu Shaoxia to intervene. Shu Mei startled: "a thousand years old Gao Yi, Shu Mou..." The King of Lu waved his hand and forced Shu Mei's words of gratitude into his mouth: "It's enough for Shu Shaoxia to owe the king a favor!" Then he turned his head and said to the left and right, "Get out of the way, release the money and Qin Qi to leave here safely with the Kowloon Cup, and don't pursue for three hours!" Finally, he added, "pay a hundred gold to the owner of the restaurant." The color of reverence in Shu Mei's eyes flashed away. The king of Lu is so magnanimous that he has really convinced everyone. Chapter 2: The Battle for the Cup 1. Blood rain gargling teeth cold Night, the snow stops,Steel racking system, the clouds disperse. The cold seems to have harvested the stars all over the sky, and Ningning has turned into a bean-like light in this frontier fortress town. But after all, the light could not take away the bright jade color of the bright moon in the eastern sky, and finally went out one by one as it deepened and followed the night diaphragm. In the quiet town, only the northern corner of the city still has a line of ever-bright lights, like a sword soaked with moonlight, which cracks the curtain of the night when the moon is bright and the stars are sparse. In the guard of fighters, gorgeous handsome account. King Lu, Shu Mei, Mr. Guo, He Qianfeng and Fang Yunxiu were facing each other during the banquet. Although the king of Lu was a thousand-year-old prince, he had no airs at all. In addition, Shu Mei was free and unrestrained, Mr. Guo had thousands of breasts, and Fang Yunxiu was witty and gratifying. He Qianfeng also temporarily put down his worries, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Industrial pallet rack, and the host and guest talked happily. Xu Qingxie, who had just recovered from the poison wound, was handed over to several maids of the King of Lu to take care of him. It is a great pleasure to meet Shu Shaoxia today. The king will drink tea instead of wine and propose another toast to you. The king of Lu himself did not touch his lips with wine, but he frequently advised him to drink. Mr. Guo and He Qianfeng were already drunk. Although Fang Yunxiu didn't drink much, his eyes were misty. Only Shumei wine to the cup dry, very refreshing, but his eyes are as clear as ever, the fruit is worthy of the name of "Jinzun sake bucket thousands". Coupled with the fact that he quoted the classics and made witty remarks, even if he could not win over the people of the world, at least he had already made Fang Yunxiu, who was half drunk, lose his mind and lose his mind. He was smiling and drunk and wanted to force out a clear and graceful flower on his face. No, no, I don't agree! With the help of alcohol, Fang Yun said, "Where is the host who only persuades the guests to drink but does not drink himself?" Look at her charming expression, how like the chivalrous woman of Meixi Villa, but like a child who acts like a spoiled child in front of her elders.
The King of Lu laughed loudly and said, "The king has not drunk for more than ten years, and what he drinks today before the battle is only green tea.". Is Miss Fang going to force the king to break the precepts today? "Why did Chitose stop drinking?" Asked Fang Yunxiuqi. The king of Lu did not speak. Mr. Guo, who was beside him, took over the conversation and said, "Miss Fang doesn't know anything. Thirteen years ago, there was a big battle in the Chishui River. She took the lead at the age of a thousand. Although she defeated more than 100,000 enemies, she was unfortunately poisoned by an arrow. Since then, she can't drink any more, so as not to trigger an old wound." The Mongol Khan looked at the Southern Dynasty covetously and sent troops to harass it from time to time. The people in the frontier fortress suffered unspeakably. It was not until thirteen years ago that the King of Lu led his troops in a life-and-death battle with 200,000 Mongolian troops in the Chishui River, and finally won a great victory. After that, the Mongols did not dare to invade the south any more, so that they could maintain stability and peace in the Central Plains for more than ten years. This battle also established the position of the king of Lu as the first person in the court, which was talked about by the world. The King of Lu stroked the old wound on his right waist and said with a deep sigh, "This arrow was given by Han Jie, the first warrior of Mongolia. I dare not forget it for a moment." Everyone had naturally heard of this great battle, but they did not expect that the king of Lu did not drink from it. At that moment, they respectfully raised their glasses and drank the contents of the glasses to show their respect. I don't understand one thing. He Qianfeng changed the topic, "a thousand years ago first led the army to the south, broke the remnants of the former Dynasty, and then marched northward, sweeping away the barbarians, and made great military exploits. It can be said that he had the ambition of pacifying the world.". But now that you want to have a big fight with Gan Kun Meng, why don't you accept Shu Mei's service in front of the account to help you? The King of Lu said, "He Shen is in the capital. Naturally, I have heard a lot of rumors.". Since this matter involves the Kowloon Cup that can win the world, the king naturally does not want to intervene. Only then did the crowd suddenly realize. The military exploits of the king of Lu were unparalleled, and he was the uncle of the emperor. He fought against the Gan Kun League. If he took the opportunity to keep the Nine Dragons Cup for himself,Pallet rack supplier, how could he not suffer from the taboo in the palace? Therefore, the king of Lu would rather let Shu Mei go to seize the cup, while he stayed out of the way to avoid gossip. omracking.com

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