Diesel engine water pumps for irrigation are machines for moving water, they play a fundamental part in agriculture as they move water from its source to the fields and crops. diesel engine water pumps can be used with many forms of irrigation, such as drip, sprinklers or with a hose.
There are a wide range of water pumps available, from simple manually operated pumps to those powered by diesel engine.
TypeDiameterCapacityPressureEngine PowerSpeed Range
Diesel Engine End Suction Water Pump for Irrigation2-8 inch160-1760 GPM0.5-12.5 bar0.22-110kW1500RPM 1800RPM 2200RPM
2800RPM 3000RPM
Diesel Engine Multistage Water Pump for Irrigation1.5-12 inch16.5~3740 GPM1.9~81.6 bar3-1600 kW
Diesel Engine Split Case Water Pump for Irrigation3-18 inch64~11000 GPM0.61~20 bar2.2-1800 kW
Diesel Engine Self Priming Water pump for Irrigation2-8 inch14-1232 GPM1.2-8 bar1.1-90 kW
Diesel engine water pumps for irrigation as below, choose the one you need, or inform the flow, head or size, YONJOU will help to choose the suitable model. Diesel Water Pump price

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