TYF-01 Construction Wall Panel Production Plant
(Calcium Silicate Board Compound Wall Panel, Partition Wall)
TYF-01 construction wall panel production plant is used for producing lightweight compound wall panel with calcium silicate board on its both sides. Applicable materials include cement, fly ash, EPS polyphenyl granule, sand, ceramsite, etc. It can produce 40 pieces per batch.
With the advantages of small floor space and low investment, it can help save equipment investment and factory construction costs for customers.
Patent Number: ZL201320443242.9
Dimensions of our wall panel products
Output per batchThicknessWidthLength
Note: The dimensions above are normal dimensions. Tianyi also provides customized production line to meet your special needs for wall panel.
Main Equipment:
(1) TYF01 Construction Wall Panel Production Plant
Equipped with automated walking transforming system, TYF01 construction wall panel production plant has advantages of easy operation and large output. It can yield 40 pieces of wall panels per batch.
(2) Weighing System
It can automatically weigh cement and other materials with great accuracy, and simplify the operations.
(3) Mixing System
Large-scale fixed mixing equipment makes the slurry more uniformly mixed and improves the casting efficiency.
(4) Mobile Slip Casting SystemWholesale Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

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