"Don't worry." Xianxian also felt that she had been reckless just now and reminded Shen Shallow: "You go back and ask Lu Chen." After the sudden change of atmosphere, several little girls at the next table had long ears and heard something. When such gossip comes out, several people are psychologically balanced. It's just a mistress. What's the point of showing off? The girl who said Shen Qian's clothes were cheap said in a strange way. There are always a group of women in the world who hate the same sex who are better than them. When they heard the bad news about the man, whether it was true or not, their jealousy was released. The most vicious words and the most vicious thoughts are used on that person in order to achieve psychological balance. Shen Shallow is still thinking about Lu Chen and her contacts bit by bit, now think about her bedroom, massage room, baby room, cloakroom. It's possible his wife used it. That's why the equipment is so complete. Shen Shallow heart in addition to their own resentment, more is the brain fill Han and Lin Si go to bed to hurt her, and she had sex with Lu Chen that night to hurt his "wife". She felt that she was a sinner through the ages. And in Shen Shallow brain to fill the slag male small three divorce drama, Xianxian has stood up, walked to the side of the girl who just spoke, without the cold just now, warm and warm smile at a few people. Speaking of it, Xianxian has not been in the workplace for nothing in the past few years. She has been able to go from a nobody to a marketing manager in three years, and her sharpness can not be concealed. A few little girls who are obviously college students are obviously overwhelmed. Just when several little girls were ready to run away, Xianxian smiled and said to them, "Eat and drink well, let's go first." With that, he pulled Xianxian to the cash register,outdoor palm trees, leaving a group of little girls with a confused face. That's my friend over there. They said they'd pay my bill. When Xianxian arrived at the cash register, her face was not red and her heart was not beating. The cashier took one look at Xianxian, nodded with a smile and said, "We still have to check with them." Xianxian is not annoyed, pointing to the car outside the door: "My friend drives such a good car, do you think we are like eating overlord meals?" "I didn't say you ate the overlord meal." The cashier who could not afford to offend laughed quickly, "Miss, take care." Dare to say in front of her that Shen Shallow is wrong,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, oh, let them invite Shen Shallow to eat a piece of cake, as an apology. Xianxian sneered in her heart, but with a clever smile on her face, she waved to the group of little girls and pulled Shen Shallow out of the door. After they went out, the driver at the door had opened the door and was waiting for her with a polite smile. Shen Qian thought that living on Heron Island was already a "nest of magpies", and now he really didn't want to take this very expensive car. After talking to the driver, he held hands with Xianxian and prepared to go to the bus stop. The old place cafe is very remote, the price is civilian, and the nearest bus stop sign is separated by an old house that is about to be demolished. Walking on this road, Shen Qian changed his meditative appearance, tightened his body and put Xianxian's hand on her arm, and held Xianxian's hand. You slut! Bitch! Let you seduce my husband! "Help!"! I don't know your husband! Help! When they walked through the demolition area and were about to arrive at the bus stop, three or five women gathered together, artificial grass panels ,silk ficus tree, pulling a slim girl, scolding and beating her. The girl's hair was dragged and her face was red and swollen. There were a lot of people standing under the bus stop sign, and from the scolding in the woman's mouth, we knew that it was roughly the drama of "the original wife beating the mistress". Society has zero tolerance for Xiao San. No matter how several women beat the girl, no one stopped her. When Shen Shallow heard the sound, his body was already tight. When she saw the chaotic picture of the fight, her actions were out of control of her brain, her lower lip trembled, and Shen Shallow, whose mind was blank, ran towards the crowd. Shallow! Xianxian gave a loud cry and ran with Shen in panic. Not knowing where the courage was, Shen Qian grabbed the woman, who was twice her size, and shouted, "Let go!"! I've already called the police! Her strength is not great, but this sentence is very threatening. After several women's movements, the woman came to her senses and pushed Shen Shallow with her backhand. Shen Shallow fell to the ground with a crisp sound on her wrist.
Xianxian pulled Shen shallow up, Shen shallow face livid, continue to rush forward, Xianxian pull can not pull her, mouth also kept shouting "call the police.". Watching into a scuffle, next to a few people can not bear to see, come to pull the frame, and Johnny at this time also heard the noise running, pulled Shen shallow. As soon as several women saw the crowd, they pulled the girl who had been beaten and ran away. Shen Shallow shouted and struggled: "Don't let them take her away!" After a while, a group of people had gathered, and some people had called the police. The women did not care about the girl who had been beaten and ran away. Xianxian hugged Shen Shallow, Shen Shallow face as white as paper, livid lips, shivering shed tears, turned to embrace Xianxian. Suspected of affray, the two men were dragged to the police station by the police who came later. The parents of the girl who was beaten also came and were making a statement. The girl really didn't know any of the women, and she didn't even have a boyfriend. Had it not been for Shen Qian's help, he would probably have been pulled away by human traffickers. Although Shen Qian did this for a just cause, Xianxian was scared half to death. Shen Qian sat in his seat and lowered his head. Xianxian couldn't help scolding. Don't you have a brain? What should I do if I get hurt when I go up and pull someone? What if I have a miscarriage? Since arriving at the police station, Shen Shallow's head has been buzzing, his body has no feeling, cold and numb. She had not wanted to face, hidden in the deepest memories, so climb back into her mind. Shen looked up slowly and looked at the intact fairy in front of her, her eyes burning. Fairy, if there was a stranger like me at that time. Wouldn't that have happened to you? Shen shallow words like a heavy hammer, a knock on the tip of the heart of the fairy, capable and strong and do the role of Shen shallow protector of the fairy, a shock all over, legs weak bend,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, a squat on the ground. Stretching out his arms to embrace Shen Qian, Xianxian clenched her teeth and did not speak again. Hearing the news of Johnny, Lu Chen started from the conference room and rushed to the police station.

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