Alumina ceramic furnace tube are widely used in high-temperature environments such as kiln furnaces and laboratory analysis furnaces. The alumina ceramic furnace tube are heated outside, and the interior can still provide the required working environment.
Conventional alumina ceramic furnace tube are generally round. We can also make oval, square, rectangular, hexagonal shapes according to customer needs. Size outer diameter 15-200mm, length 100-2000mm, wall thickness 3-15mm.
Product NameAlumina ceramic furnace tube
ItemsUnit85 % Al2O395 % Al2O399 % Al2O399.7 % Al2O3
Water Absorption%1350140016001650
Max. Working Temperature鈩?/p>1450160018001800
Volume Resistivity20鈩?/p>惟路cm3>1013>1013>1013>1013
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