Product introduction
The crops that can be crushed are herbage (big round bales, loose bales, square bales), straw (straw, hay, etc.), grain (corn cobs or kernels, high water content, sorghum, and all grain crops) by mobile straw chopper.
The choice of 12 screen sizes can meet your various needs, and the heavy duty flying hammer with high speed can shorten your working time.
The mobile straw chopper can
1. Reduce stirring time of TMR mixer by 50%.
2. Reduce TMR equipment wear and tear, reduce maintenance cost.
3. Comminution effect is good, reducing pasture waste.
4. Palatability, feed intake and milk production increased.
5. high crushing efficiency for high wet corn
Packagein nude
ShippmentBy sea, by land
Our Services/Warranty
As a professional manufacturer, we provide follow services:
1. ONE year warranty
2. Professional technical support
3. In time delivery
4. High Quality assurance
5. Timely supply of spare parts
Factory show
Working PicturesStraw Chopper

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