Basic information
Material name: gray iron 300
Brand: HT300
Standard: GB/T 9439-2010
Means gray cast iron with a minimum tensile strength of 300MPa.
Hardness: 186~255HBS

Material properties
Used for important castings in machinery manufacturing, such as bed guide rails, lathes, punching machines, large stressed beds, spindle box gears, etc. Also can be used for high pressure cylinders, pump bodies, valve bodies, upsetting dies, cold dies and surface quenching parts.

Material composition
Core composition: (for reference) carbon C:2.9-3.2 silicon Si:1.0-2.5 manganese Mn:0.5-1.4 sulfur S:鈮?.12 phosphorus P:鈮?0.15

Mechanical properties
Mechanical performance sample size: tensile strength sigma b(MPa): 30mm diameter :300 yield strength sigma s(MPa): condition yield strength sigma 0.2(MPa): elongation delta (%): impact toughness value: kv(J/cm2): creep rate VG(%): deflection f(mm): brinstal hardness (hbs100/3000):(RH=1 hour)231HB
Gray cast iron HT300, young's modulus 130Gpa, density 7300kg/m3, poisson's ratio 0.25.

The microstructure
Ferrite + flake graphite + pearlescent body heat

Treatment process
Stress relief annealing 530 ~ 550鈩? 4 ~ 6h; 200 鈩?from

The processing technology
HT300 should use 60# medium soft black carbonized silicon wheel. The 80# medium hard black carbonized silicon wheel is used for fine grinding.

Suitable for manufacturing castings with high bending stress and high air tightness, such as heavy machine beds, gears, CAMs, large engine crankshafts and cylinder bodies, high pressure cylinders, rolling mill blocks, etc.Gray Cast Iron factory

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