Product Description
The ultrasonic transducer is a core device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (ultrasonic). Its function is to convert the input electric power into mechanical power (ie, ultrasonic) and transmit it out, and it consumes a small part of its own power. Mainly suitable for ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic acoustic chemical equipment.

1. The piezoelectric ceramic chip adopts imported parts, and can give a strong and stable output.
2. High efficiency, high mechanical quality factor, obtaining high electric-acoustic conversion efficiency work at the resonance frequency points.
3. Large amplitude: optimization design by computer , vibration speed ratio is high .
4. Large power, Under the action of prestressed screw, the energy of the piezoelectric ceramic to get maximum play;
5. Good heat resistance, small harmonic impedance, low calorific value, using temperature range is wide.

Frequency range(khz)14.7-14.9
Resistance range(惟)
grey ceramic鈭?/p>
black ceramic鈭?/p>
Transducer shapeinverted horn
Material of boostersteel

1. What is the annual turnover
It's about 1.5 million dollars.
2. Do you have a showroom?
Yes, the showroom provides a full range of products.
3. Can you customize it for customers?
Yes, we can customize according to your needs, we have a research and development department, our designers can design for you, and our technicians can make prototypes.
Q: What is your terms of payment?
A: Payment=5000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.Ultrasonic Convertor price

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