Hexin Company is a youthful and energetic company, which is located in Ningguo city, the capital of the wear-resistant castings in China with more than 200 foundries, close to Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou city.
The company mainly engaged in automatic forged steel ball/casting ball production equipment, heat treatment machine, etc. and various types of special grinding ball & castings for Mines. Hexin has a more than 20 experience team of designing, manufacturing, and technical supporting for the newly established grinding ball project based on their domestic demand. One-stop procurement of related equipment, as well as the production of the casting material, like resin-coated sand, phenolic resin, cold box resin, etc. are well provided. We commit to providing technical support under the existing conditions to ensure product quality and acceptance. For projects that want to transition or expand production, provide with the most appropriate suggestions and solutions according to the existing facilities and years of experience, so that every customer we work with could produce economic benefits in the shortest time, as much as possible save time and financial cost.
For customers in the field of mines, we provide industrial and mining conditions based on customer feedback survey reports. By analyzing the process of the mines production equipment & the hardness of ore and the conditions of the ball mills, the suitable grinding balls for the particular mine are recommended to increase the output and reduce the wear rate.
Relying on strong industrial manufacturing capacity, Hexin, with the fast reaction and excellent after-sales service, has a mature supply system to support the entire industrial chain of equipment, and has been successful in helping and guiding dozens of enterprises from around the world carry out new construction, renovation, and expansion, and smoothly put into operation.
For the better pre-sales, training & after-sales, Hexin has cooperated with Investcast Pvt Ltd., which is located on 872 short road, Waterfalls, Harare city, Zimbabwe with professional skills in the castings and well-equipped lab testers to give our clients the best service!
Choosing Hexin is the choice of efficiency and benefits!Forged Grinding Balls price

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