Cleva Power is an international company which leading in design, manufacture, Sales and marketing of rechargeable lithium ion/polymer/Lifepo4 battery cells and related battery packs and systems. CLEVA was established in 2008 with enrollment fund of 20 million. Through 11 years development, CLEVA experienced a Course from small to from weak to strong, the scale of production, amount of sales and the tax increased year after year, and the types of products expanded from earliest Ni-cd battery to today NI-MH, Lithium-ion battery, Lithium polymer battery,battery chargers and adapters multi-product system, CLEVA products are distributed worldwide for using in various electronic products, these include: ireless communication devices, lighting, electrical tools, toys, medical equipment,solar energy storage systems, backup power systems and electric vehicles. As a leading worldwide supplier,CLEVA'S current distribution network includes China, Hong Kong, North America, Europe, Southeast, Asia and Korea. In addition to the consumer electronics markets, CLEVA is advancing to electrical vehicles and electrical energy storage market.
鈥籓ur Product
Lithium Ion Battery,LiFePO4 Battery,Ni-MH Battery,Lithium Polymer Battery,Battery Charger,Special Lithium Battery
鈥籔roduct Application
Smart wear, Bluetooth speakers, personal care, tablet/laptop computers, smartphones, backup power supplies, handheld devices, smart security equipment, personal consumer nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, wireless communications, lighting, smart medical equipment, smart sweeping robots, gardens Tools, energy storage systems.
鈥籓ur Certificate
鈥籔roduction Equipment
Advanced R&D Equipment Worth Over 100 Million
鈥籔roduction MarketChina Lithium Battery Pack For Energy Storage

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