Adopting magnetic coupling to transmit torque ,the permanent magnetic field of the external magnetic rotor can pass through the closed isolation kit to induce the inter rotor, transmit the driver鈥檚 shaft power to the pump impellers. When the driveshaft of the impellers and the motor shaft are in the absence of rigid connection, they will be driven by the magnetic coupling,pump shaft and internal magnetic rotor will be immersed into the process liquid, and a re sealed in isolation kit, the isolation kit will isolate the internal magnetic rotor and the conveying medium from the external magnetic rotor; the magnetic rotor is directly connected with the motor.
Magnetic-driving pumps are different from other pumps with mechanic seals by replacing dynamic seals with static seals and can completely solve the leakage problem during pumps running.
The design of special lubricant and coolant circuit guarantees satisfactory lubrication and cool-off.. No cool-off, will quick-cool pipe system that pumps with mechanical seals require. Rated suction pressure can reach to 30MPa., which is very difficult for pumps with mechanical seals.
Running slick and stably, low noise ,no-leakage, cleanness and safety, magnetic-driving pumps are rewarded as real environmental protection products in industries.
With the more importance of the global environmental protection and with enforcement environmental protection regulations, because of non-leakage, low noise, static seal, supplying extraordinary conveying requirements of inflammable, explosive and poisonous fluids, magnetic- driving pumps are rewarded as environmental protection high-tech products
In recent years, the development speed of magnetic-driving pumps is very fast and is gradually replacing .same performance pumps with mechanical seals and canned-motor pumps.Magnetic-driving pumps have widely applied to oil fields, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, nuclear power, metallurgy, food and pharmaceutical industry system,. Its application is conveying clean inflammable ,explosive, severely poisonous, precious liquids free from particles and other liquids that permit no seal pollution,unsuitable to convey the liquids including ferromagnetism substance.
Acids,Alkali,Hydrocarbons,Alcohols,Benzene, Methylbenzene, Aniline, Methylamine, Dimethlamine, Butyronitrile, Acrylonitri,Chloroform, Glycol, Cyclonhexanone, Cyanide, Methyl bromide, Nitroparffin, Paint, Liquid ammonia, Acetone, Methyl ether, Imidazoleethtl, Ammonia water, Trichlorosilane, Silicon tetrachloride, Titanium tetrachloride, Sodium&Amide, Petrochemicals, Nuclear pollutant.
Fully Sealed ,non-leaking, non-polluting
In line with ISO2858 standards and can easily replace IH, ZA and CZ chemical pumps
The processing liquids can lubricate drive parts actively, additional piping system is unnecessary,
Only 1-2 sealing ring is needed in the whole pump,guaranteeing the optimum safety.
It can be connected by direct electrical coupling or by coupling joint.
Direct electrical coupling can save cost and space, with characteristics of high transmission efficiency, easy installation, no calibration, no calibration concentricity; when above 45KW,for the convenience of inspection, coupling joint is suggested.
Without cooling re circulation system, small project investment.
Multiple cycle approaches, including self-circulation, pressure cycle through auxiliary impeller and external circulation etc, to meet the needs of conveying different medium,
If is necessary, cooling , heating or insulation jackets can be added.
Equipped with normal and YB series three-phase AC motors, DC motors and permanent magnet motor.
Optimized rigid axle structure ,with better indexes of deflection, reducing pump vibration.
Foot installation and centerline installation can be selected for medium at different temperatures; the basic type applies the foot support, the high temperature applies the center support,
In line with Flange standards ,provides choices including ANSI,GB etc.
The axial force of the pump is mainly balanced by the back leaves; the residual axial force is borne by the thrust bearing.
If necessary, the auxiliary impeller can do the forced circulation to prevent bubble deposition to ensure the circulating flow.
Large-thickness heavy-duty strong-thrust ceramic bearing, adopting high-purity(the content of sic id higher than 98.5%; the content of swimming silicon is less than 1%),high-wear-resistance of materials, long service life.
Typical circulating cooling systems including
Internal-circulation type
When the medium contains a small amount of solid impurities, the hydraulic cyclone should be linked , and then the medium is separated into the isolation kit.
When the medium temperature is high , the heat exchanger should be linked ,after being cooled through the heat exchanger the medium is conveyed into the isolation kit.
External-circulation type
1.When pumping medium with poor lubrication or containing large quantities of impurities and pumped medium allows foreign liquid mixing, then the foreign liquid should be directly conveyed into the isolation kit, and the foreign liquid鈥檚 pressure must be 0.07-0.1 Mpa high than the pump liquid cavity pressure.
.2.When pumping medium with poor performance, containing a large amount of impurities and the medium does not allow a large amount of other mixing medium, pressure liquid can be used and directly conveyed into the isolation kit and then drawn out after cooling cycle.It can also be cooled by the limited medium in the negative impeller forced circulation specially designed pressure vessel.
Every pump's performance and water pressure would be tested.. Every spare part and component are inspected and evaluated in every detail to ensure the quality of products.
Due to static seal, non-leakage, non-pollution, low vibration and low noise .the pumps are rewarded as environmental protection high-tech products.
Design magnetic filters to effectively remove magnetic particles.
High performance cost ratio
ModelCapacity Q锛坢鲁/h锛?/p>Head
(m)Speed n锛坮/m in锛?/p>Efficiency畏锛?锛?/p>Power Rating锛圞W锛?/p>NPSHr锛坢锛?/p>
Shaft powerMotor power
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