Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack is a very widely used shelf in the current market. Its excellent load carrying capacity and convenient disassembly structure make it suitable for various types of warehouses and can store a variety of products.
Product Specifications:
Product Name:Industrial Heavy Duty Warehouse Storage Racks
Raw Material:High Quality Cold Rolled Steel
Surface Finish:Electrostatic Spraying
Usage:Warehouse Storage
Installation:Assemble Freely
Size:Height: up to 12,000mm
Width: 1200-3,300mm
Depth: 600-1,200mm
Different sizes can be made
Loading Capacity:500-5,000kgs/layer
or 1,100-11,000lbs/layer
Package:Knock down package by bubble film, carton or custom. Safe for long distance transportation
Main Features:
1.Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack structure is fully assembled and can be combined at will, which is convenient and flexible for installation and removal.
2.Upright and beam are connected by steel buckles, and locked with a safety pin to prevent falling off.
3.the upright has a 75mm adjustable hole distance, which can be adjusted according to the height of the goods.
For a quick quotation, we need the detailed information of Warehouse Storage Racks below:
1.Size of your warehouse: Length x Width x Height (If the warehouse drawing with sizes available)
2.Pallet size (W*D*H) & weight (after loading goods)
3.How many layers of the rack.
4.Racking color & quantityChina Heavy Duty Storage Racks

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