鈼?No natural rubber latex protein or accelerator
鈼?CE, FDA, ISO certification
鈼?Durable and scalable
鈼?Powder free/with powder
鈼?Dexterous hands-suitable for any hand
鈼?Beaded cuffs
鈼?Available sizes: S, M, L, XL.
鈼?Tasteless, harmless, non-toxic, alkali resistant, acid and oil resistant.
鈼?It is widely used in medical examination, food processing and electronics industry.
ItemDisposable vinyl exam glovesMaterialPolyvinyl chloride
Packing100 pcs/box
10 boxes/CTNColorTransparent, blue
DetailsSizeWeiht (G)Length (mm)Plam width (mm)Thickness (mm)
S4.5 卤 03240卤5850.12 卤 0.050.10 卤 0.030.08 卤 0.03
M5 卤 0.3240卤5950.12 卤 0.050.10 卤 0.030.08 卤 0.03
L5.5 卤 03240卤51050.12 卤 0.050.10 卤 0.030.08 卤 0.03
XL6 卤 0.3240卤51150.12 卤 0.050.10 卤 0.030.08 卤 0.03
Level (AQL)AQL 1.5, AQL2.5 and AQL4.0
Elongation鈮?400%Tensile Strength鈮?13mpa
Features1. Food grade and industrial grade
2. Powdered and powder-free; non-sterile; no latex;
3. Smooth surface, soft and durable, no allergic reaction to skin
4. Vinyl gloves can also be widely used in food service, hair dyeing, printing, machinery, inspection and many other fields.
WeightS 4.5 g/M 5g/L 5.5g (powder)
S 5g/M5.5g/L 6g (no powder)
Width and thicknessTotal thickness: 0.12mm
The width and thickness can be cut according to customer needs
(A) Use advanced machines to produce quickly
(B) Any color can be made according to customer requirements
(C) Personal logo printing is available
(D) Pay attention to environmental protection, environmental protection and regeneration.
(E) All products comply with international quality standards, CE, ISO, FDA.
(F) Good service, fast delivery, trustworthy.Disposable Vinyl Gloves suppliers

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