The En149 FFP2 Disposable Dust Mask complies with the requirements of the PPE
Regulation (EU) 2016/425 by means of the European Standard En149:2001+A1:2009.Three protection classification-Filter efficiency against particulate aerosols is greater than 80%(FFP1), 94%锛團FP2), 99% (FFP3). This P2 mask is FFP2 level and ideal for all day use. The recommend application: Suitable to textile, mining, construction, electronic, food processing, cement, disintegration, agriculture, farm garden, glass, cleaning, etc. workshops. For further enquiries please contact us by email or wechat, whatsapp +86 18684651950.
Wearing in a way
Wearing a way
1. Face the face of the En149 FFP2 Disposable Dust Mask without the nose clip, so that the nose clip is located above the P2 mask.
2. Place the P2 mask under your chin, pull the lower headband over your head and place it under the back of your neck and ear
3. Pull the top band over your head and place it over the back of your neck and ears.
4. Place the middle fingers of both hands in the middle of the bridge of the nose and press from the middle to the sides of the face according to the shape of the bridge of the nose until it is completely in line with the shape of the bridge of the nose.
5. Before entering the work area, the tightness between the edges of the En149 FFP2 Disposable Dust Mask and the face should be checked.
Details of En149 FFP2 Disposable Dust Mask
1. Three layers, each layer is made of soft Polypropylene (P.P.) inner layer, reduce the fiber drops and increase the wearing comfort.
2. The filter layer is made of high efficient melt blown web which resists dust and oil-free particle.
3. Cool latex-free head straps for comfortable wearing
* 20pcs/box, 400pcs/carton
* Box size: 13.5x13.5x15cm
* Carton size: 68x28x32cm
* G.W./N.W.: 5.5/4.5Kg
4. Quality Standard: EN149:2001+A1:2009
About machinery and capacity
Siru Trading is established in 2020, Locate in Guangzhou Baiyun district, and equipped with many factories which are professional manufacturer for PPE respirator mask. Our factories Strictly adopts the international quality management system, as obtained the EU CE quality system certification, at the same time, the products are registered in the FDA of the United States, equipped with professional talents in scientific research, production management, quality inspection, sales and market tracking. Our protective products are also got American NIOSH N95 certificate, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 certificate and Japan PDMA, Russia EAC, TUV ISO9001:2015 certificate approved, and produced in strict accordance with domestic and international standards, and do strict quality control from raw material purchase to production, to ensure that every ex-factory mask meets the standard.
With continuous scientific and technological innovation ability, the factories of Siru Trading ensures the international famous level of product performance: with advanced production process and equipment, the company guarantees the high-tech content of products; with perfect quality management system, the company guarantees the stability and reliability of product quality. For further enquiries please contact us by email or wechat, whatsapp +86 18684651950.
Q1: What is the MOQ and leading time?
A1:10000pcs each size; leading time is within 15 days or upon to your quantity;
Q2: What is terms of payment?
A2: by T/T, XTransfer
Q3: How can we contact you?
A3: You can contact us by phone, wechat, whatsapp: +86-18684651950
Q4: Can you customize the products?
A4: Yes, we can customize products for color, size with customer's requirements.
Q5. How do you pack your mask?
A5: Packed in a colorful box, and put it into cartons.
Q6. How long is the warranty period for the mailbox?
A6: Normally the warranty period is 3 year.
Q7. What's the material of your En149 FFP2 Disposable Dust Mask
A7: Our main material includes Non-woven fabrics, Melt-blown Fabric. FFP2Wholesale P2 Mask

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