Jiuding FRP pultruded Angle features with high strength,light weight,colorful,it is the standard profile widely used in many fields such as the ladder.It is top-quality structural building components used in construction and general use.
With rich experience in FRP pultrusion industry since 2002, Jiangsu Jiuding offers a complete range of pultruded profiles. Jiuding FRP Pultruded angle is available in a variety of resin types, colors, thicknesses and length. It is the durable, cost-effective and low maintenance option to build walkways, supports and other structural elements for highly demanding environments. Because of its shape,it can be used as connection in the corner in many places,such as cooling tower or ladders.
There are multiple choices of pultrusion profiles color. The pigment is mixed with the resin during the pultrusion process which makes the color not easily to fade, the profiles without painting maintenance but self-clean function. It can be used as the cover edge of the stairs after gritted.
2.Specification of FRP pultruded angle
No. A(mm) B(mm) T(mm) Weight
(kg/m) Sectional drawing
1 404040.58
2 292940.41
3 505050.90
4 50.850.86.351.15
5 757541.11
6 757561.64
7 76769.52.57
8 757582.20
10 15015052.80
11 101.6101.66.352.37
12 101.6101.612.74.61
13 152.4152.49.55.34
14 152.4152.412.77.07
Long life,anti-ageing
Colorful choice
Easy to install
Light weight
Easy to maintain
Structure support in chemical factoryStructure support in cooling tower
5.Choice for pultruded angle
鈼廟esin choice: GP resin, ISO resin, VE resin, Phenolic resin
鈼廋olor choice: Yellow, Grey, Green, black,red,white,brown,custom color
6.Production process
Drilling holes
Cutting processFRP Pultrusion Profiles

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