The stroke of linear actuator can be customized. However, there are limitations due to the raw material stiffness of piston rod and specific force applied to the actuator, thus you might be disappointed by the supplier that they can not offer your expected stroke with enough load capacity. Fortunately, Our DJ805 is really a tough guy that can be 1000mm stroke with load up to 600KG.
Voltage: 12 or 24voltage
Stroke up to 1200 mm
Trust: 1.2 ton
Free Load Speed: 38 mm/s
Protection rate: IP66
Stop switches: built in at both ends
Working temperature: -45 to 65鈩?/p>
Mounting ends: standard through hole蠁13
Lead screw: standard ACME
Material: Aluminum housing, Stainless steel piston rod
Full retracted: depended on stroke
Warranty: 18 months
Overall size
Below we show you an example at stroke 1000mm.
Duty cycle
Linear actuator 1000mm stroke should be working by duty cycle less than 20% in a 20 minutes period which means it can work continuously for 2 minutes with 8 minutes interval.
For further details of specifications, dimensional drawings and custom options, please see the data sheet HB-DJ805 at our download page.
The lead time of sample order is about 12 day upon the receipt of payment. Each unit is made to order and brand new. We will select proper shipping agent according to the package size and delivery destination.
1. Make sure that the actuator is connected to a power supply or a transformer with the correct input voltage.
2. The piston rod of linear actuator can be freely moving out in the whole working area.
3. Check the function after installation.
4. The actuator must not be loaded exceeded to the values stated in the specification drawings or on the label stickers.
5. The duty cycle stated on the label sticker must always be noted. Otherwise there would be a risk of burning out the motor. Exceeding the duty cycle will result in a reduction of the service time.
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