According to the production process of PVC foam board can be divided into PVC crust foam board and PVC free foam board PVC crust foamed board surface hardness is very high, it is difficult to produce scratches, widely used in ambry, decorate, building, etc PVC free foam board surface hardness, widely used in advertising hoardings, framed sketchpad, screen printing, engraving, etc.
We are moisture resistant, shock proof and water repellent.
Easy in storing and in transportation because of its light weight.
The color and quality is durable for a very long time.
PVC foam board’s sign is basically having light-weight and also offers standard quality in material and having easy transport facility. Even if you want to promote the PVC foam Board in the market very easy to move to any location.
Why the board is brittle?
Extruder temperature is too high or too low, readjust the extruder temperature.
The formula is improperly, readjust the formula.
Why the board or sheet surface is rough, not smooth?
Lack of external lubricant, increase the amount of external lubricant.
Lack of corresponding processing aids, increase the amount of corresponding processing aids.
Fillers and processing aids are insufficient dispersed.
The mould temperature is too low, increase the mould temperature.
The temperatures of mould and extruder are improperly, readjust the temperature of them.
Things you should know about PVC foam board
Foam board can be purchased in very large sheets, which has led to its second-most prevalent use as display boards for school projects and science fairs. Three large sheets of foam board can be hinged together by applying white artists' tape to the joins on one side to make a trifold or triptych display.
Technical Data
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