The product is unique machine tools designed to machine polygonal components in the mass production of small parts of 2/4/6 sides. This machine has a productivity of 3~4 times conventional machines and has a very high level of component quality.
Because of the high economy for all series productions, they are the perfect alternative to milling, broaching and slotting.
Variable frequency drive with a proximity sensor to orient spindle head & cutter head within a short time.
The CXF-W50X CNC Lathe, well-integrated CNC turning lathe with NC polygon cutter highly suitable for turning and polygon cutting operation. Turning and polygon cutting is performed in one machine to achieve extremely high concentricity and symmetricity. Power milling turret (optional) for boring and contouring operation.
The product is offered by Longkou Bluetooth NC Equipment Co., Ltd is four models like W40, W50, W60&W80. Both models are two Axis with servo with CNC servo systems of the longitudinal, cross slide and mechanical gearbox. With data input through the operating panel. Polygon turning process has the shortest cutting time compared to conventional machining.
The process is well suited for mass production and batch production.
Compared to the conventional method, production multiplies by five times.
Better surface finishes and better Burr control.
Has the lowest cost per piece compared to any other operation.
To machine the polygons on the valve stem.
To machine the square tang on top.
To machine the Hex, square and flats on special purpose bolts.
To machine Hex, Square in flats on duplex and super duplex steels.
To machine the flats on the various spindles and shafts.
When you choose CXF-W50X CNC Lathe to machine your workpieces, you should know the following parameters choose.
Specifications are subject to change without further notice.
Internal details
Processing samplesChina CNC Lathe

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