Son of man, Jesus Christ

I was sitting in a high-backed chair when Jesus came to me with a firm stride and stood upright his head held high I can't tell you how I felt at that moment but I suddenly had a wish (though not of my will) to stand up and get out of my chair and bow down in front of him It seemed to me that he was the one who entered the hall a greater man than Rome But it's just a moment Then all I saw was a man accused by his own people of being a traitor I am his commander and judge I asked him a question but he didn't answer He just looked at me There was pity in his eyes as if he were my superior and judge At that moment the crowd shouted outside the door But he remained silent and looked at me with pity Fertilizers I walked out of the hall and stood on the steps People stopped shouting when I showed up "What do you want to do with this man" I asked They shouted in unison "We want to kill him!"! He is our enemy and the enemy of Rome! Some exclaimed "Didn't he threaten to destroy the temple" Don't you claim the kingdom He is the only king we have Now I leave the people and turn and go into the courtroom I saw him still standing alone in the same place his head still held high I remember reading the words of a Greek philosopher "He who is alone is the strongest" At this moment Jesus of Nazareth is greater than his people I do not feel that my heart is hidden and he does not need my compassion I asked him "Are you the king of the Jews" He said nothing I asked again "Did you not say that you are the King of the Jews" He looked me in the eye and answered in a quiet voice "You yourselves proclaimed me king" Perhaps it is for this purpose that I was born to bear witness to the truth Look he's talking about "truth" at a time like this! I couldn't help shouting to myself and to him "What is truth" What is truth to the innocent man when he is taken up by the executioner Jesus said powerfully "No one can rule this world except by spirit and truth" "Do you belong to the spirit" I asked "So do you" he replied "though you don't know it" What spirit and truth is there when I for the sake of my country when an innocent man is sent to death for the sake of the ancient law No one no nation no empire will stop in the face of truth on the road of self-improvement "Are you the King of the Jews" I asked He replied "You said it yourself" Before that I had conquered the world Of all the things he said this is the only one that doesn't fit Because only Rome has ever conquered the world Then the shouts of the crowd rose again more vociferous than before Chemicals Suppliers I stepped down from the high-backed chair and said to him "Come with me" I came to the steps of the hall again and Jesus stood beside me As soon as people saw him they roared like thunder In the hubbub of voices all I heard was "Nail him!"! Nail him! And I gave him back to the priests who had brought him and I said "Do whatever you want with this righteous man" If you like you may take some Roman soldiers to guard him So they took him away I commanded that on the cross over his head be written "Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews" I should have written "Jesus of Nazareth a king" He was stripped of his clothes whipped and finally put on a cross I could have saved his life but it would have caused a riot It was wise for a governor of a Roman province to tolerate the religious bigotry of a defeated nation I now believe that this man is more than just an agitator My judgment is not of my will but for the sake of Rome Soon after we left Syria My wife became a sad woman from that day on Here in this garden I often see her face sad I have heard that she often spoke of Jesus to other Roman women
Look! The man whom I have condemned to death has returned from Hades and entered my house! I ask myself again and again What is truth What is not truth Is it possible that this Syrian is ruling us in the dead of night That's definitely not going to happen For Rome must overcome the nightmare of our wives www。 xiaoshuotxtc o m Bartholomew is in Ephesus Little; say t xt Tian'tang Bartholomew is Fertilizers in Ephesus Jesus' enemies said that he spread propaganda to slaves and untouchables inciting them to rebel against their masters; that he came from a humble background so he turned to his own kind and tried to hide his origins But let's look at who Jesus' disciples were and how he led At first he chose for his companions men from the North free men strong and courageous In the past forty years they have been brave enough to devote themselves to death Do you think these people are slaves or untouchables Do you think that the proud princes of Lebanon and Armenia forgot their position when they accepted Jesus as a prophet sent by God Do you think that the sons and daughters of Antioch Byzantium Athens and Rome would be moved by the voice of a slave leader No this Nazarene was neither with the slave against the master nor with the master against the slave He doesn't gang up with anyone against anyone else He is the man above the crowd the blood gushing in his muscles singing with passion and power If nobility consists in protecting others he is the noblest of all living beings; if freedom consists in thought speech and action he is the freest of all living beings; if nobility consists in being a hindrance and obeying only benevolence in being detached but always gentle and kind he is also the noblest of living beings Don't forget that only the strong and the swift will win the race and the crown Jesus was crowned both by those who loved him and by his enemies though they did not know it

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