When Meng Min first saw Muye Jingfeng, she suspected that she was in a dream. When she woke up, she only called out, "Brother Mu.." A mouthful of blood surges, and I can't say any more! When she saw Muye Jingfeng, Mrs. Ma's eyes flashed a very complex light, but this light was only a flash, as if it had never appeared! Muye Jingfeng hurried forward, holding Meng Min, who could hardly stand, and said with concern, "Miner, you.." How's the injury? The feeling of uneasiness is obvious! Meng Min since the appearance of Muye Jingfeng, all the tension and worry has suddenly dissipated without a trace! For her, Makino Serenity is a mountain that does not fall! As a matter of fact, Youqiu's martial arts have reached the realm of the gods. Compared with Muye Jingfeng, he may not be able to gain the upper hand, but the appearance of Muye Jingfeng really makes Meng Min feel at ease! To Makino Jingfeng's inquiry, Meng Min shook his head and said slowly,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, "It doesn't matter." Muye Jingfeng breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Qi'er and Miss Ye.." Meng Min gently nodded, without words, she and he have a tacit understanding, as long as a look, is all in silence. Muye Jingfeng suddenly understood that Ye Feifei and Muye must have retreated from their carefully arranged retreat, and felt a little at ease in their hearts. It turned out that when he first returned to the inn,pietra gray marble, he saw that the inn was in a mess. Meng Min, Ye Feifei, and Mu Yeqi were all missing. When he was shocked, the two assistants who had been hiding in the room and dared not make a sound saw their boss appear at this time, they dared to come out and roughly pointed out the direction of Meng Min and Youqiu for Mu Ye Jingfeng. Makino Jingfeng was so anxious that he had no time to listen carefully to how the waiter described the thrilling scene just now, and immediately pursued in the direction they had guided! The two guys were stunned to see that their boss also had a superb light body kungfu! At this time, Muye Jingfeng knew that Meng Min, Ye Feifei, and his son Muye Qi were safe and sound, and immediately felt relieved. Only then did he notice Ma Sister-in-law and the old monster of blood and fire, Xiao Mu, and Youqiu! It was hard for him to understand how Mrs. Ma and Xiao Mu could appear here. Sister-in-law Ma found that Muye Jingfeng was paying attention to her, and immediately turned her face slightly sideways-she was an important target of Youqiu's attack, so she was more seriously injured than Meng Min, Carrara Marble Slab ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, and her body was covered with red blood, which was shocking! Youqiu's cold and solemn voice rang out: "Makino Jingfeng?" Makino Jingfeng turned around slowly, and his eyes collided with Youqiu's indifferent eyes, like two lightning bolts colliding in the dark! Sparks are flying in my heart! Two people have a strange feeling in their hearts at the same time! And the most shocking is Meng Min! She herself had always felt that Youqiu looked like a person, but now she suddenly realized that the person Youqiu looked like was Muye Jingfeng, who had been with her for ten years! No wonder she felt so strange when she saw Youqiu! But why are Youqiu and Muye Jingfeng so similar? Meng Min heart flashed a cloud of suspicion, can not help but think of "blood and fire old monster." Has been called her "mother" thing, is full of doubts! Makino Jingfeng also found himself quite similar to Youqiu: the same tall and magnificent body, the bridge of the nose is high, and the eyes are slightly sunken! "Yes," he said in a deep voice, "I am Makino Jingfeng." Although he has been pursuing anonymity for so many years, he already knows that the peaceful life of these ten years will no longer exist from tonight! Youqiu suddenly had a strange smile on his face. He said in a deep voice, "You are indeed a man with the blood of the war clan flowing in your body!"! Born with an invisible sense of war! Makino Jingfeng's eyes flashed and he asked, "Who on earth are you?"? What do you mean by that? Why did you hurt my wife? Youqiu gave another long laugh! It seems that what Makino Jingfeng asked is very ridiculous! Muye Jingfeng was very unhappy when he saw that the man looked arrogant and insolent.
Laughing, Youqiu said slowly, "Do you know you should call me uncle?" Makino Jingfeng was stunned and suddenly smiled. "Don't you like to take advantage of words?" "I didn't lie to you," said Youqiu word by word. "I'm your father's eldest brother. I don't know what his name is in the Central Plains Wulin, but I know his real name should be Youguo!" His expression was so solemn that it was impossible to doubt that everything he said was true! But how can all this be true? How could his father, Mu Ye Di, be his brother? Makino Shizumi couldn't believe what Youqiu had said. You Qiu continued, "I know you won't believe it, but you should see that there are many similarities between you and me!"! Because the blood flowing in our bodies is the same, it is the blood of the war clan! The bone flute beside your father is actually the magic weapon of the Wind Palace of the War Clan! Makino Jingfeng stepped back involuntarily. His face was a little pale, but he still said with some difficulty: "No!"! This is impossible! My father is an orphan! The more he spoke, the faster he spoke, as if he was worried that Youqiu would take the opportunity to interrupt his words if he spoke slowly: "How can there be any war clan in the world?"? As for the Wind Palace, it's just a myth of Wulin! I will never believe what you say! At this time, the seriously injured blood and fire old monster suddenly rushed over, kneeling at the foot of Muye Jingfeng, the old tearful hissing way: "Young Lord!"! The old servant finally met you! Heaven has eyes! There is hope for the recovery of the Wind Palace! The old monster of blood and fire looks extremely excited and happy! There are tears, crying and laughing! Makino Jingfeng is shocked to the extreme! He felt that everything that had happened tonight was so incredible! The old man dressed in fiery red is even more like a madman! Then he frowned and said, "Old man, I've been with you all my life. Why do you have to do this?"? Get up quickly! Unexpectedly, the old monster of blood and fire knocked his head respectfully and said, "Yes, young Lord." Fang stood up. Makino Jingfeng was dumbfounded at once! Youqiu snorted, "I'm the eldest son of the Wind Palace, old monster of blood and fire. You don't respect me, but you're so respectful to my younger generation. You're clearly arrogant!" "You Qiu," said the old monster of blood and fire, "you should know the rules of the Wind Palace. Once you are expelled from the Wind Palace, you will never be a member of the Wind Palace again. Although I am only an old servant of the Wind Palace,grey marble slab, for a person who is not in the Wind Palace, no matter how good his martial arts are, I will also. Ahem. I won't take it seriously! I only have young Lord and young Lord in my eyes! 。

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