Original Title: Fashion | "Bullet Bra" in the 1940s, Women's Fashion Represented by Monroe Let the girls love and hate mixed mixed feelings. Besides the ex-boyfriend, it belongs to bra. "Clothes not only have the function of sexual arousal, in fact, they have become the symbol of sexual organs," said the psychologist. For women, underwear is not only the norm of wearing and daily necessities, but also a part of women's body, which becomes an important indicator for men to evaluate women's sexual attractiveness, as well as an important channel for women's self-awareness. Sister with big breasts tells you the story of the bullet "chest device". On average, a girl will spend more than 20000 soft girl coins on a bra in her lifetime. Compared with the aunt towel, this number is actually not too high. Apart from her ex-boyfriend, bra is the one that girls love and hate. For women, bras play different roles in different times. After the brewing of history, let's re-examine the bra. Here is a complete history of the "bullet bra",personalised tailor tape, from the gunpowder bra, the weapon that can kill people, the corset that can break the ribs, to the gathering bra inlaid with diamonds, all of which are illustrated. Expand the full text Small bras on women's bodies,garment measuring tape, with underwires, with waists, and with polyester fibers as shown above. Every shape and every part has a long history. We have to start looking at bras from a historical perspective. If you don't know what a bullet bra is, then you can forgive it for being a dangerous thing. In a way, because its extreme conical points are sharp enough to poke out your eyes. Pointy bras were at the forefront of the trend in the 1950s and 1960s, and Marilyn Monroe, who was very popular at that time, was the representative of this kind of sexy. When she appeared in front of people in a tight silk sweater, milky orange Capri pants and high heels, the bullet bra highlighted her beautiful figure, and the pointed shape was like a rocket waiting to be launched, bra tape measure ,tailor measure tape, erupting hot and sexy at any time. Ancient underwear But did you actually make it? The history of modern bra is actually less than 150 years. As far back as ancient Egypt, girls went out in a vacuum, with two breasts that could shake freely under their flowing tunics. Ancient Egyptian girls wear draping robes with vacuum breasts. By the time of the Roman Empire, girls began to wear something called a "chest belt" to prevent sagging breasts in middle and old age. It seems that girls have been working tirelessly against the gravity of the earth since ancient times. But on the whole, people in ancient Rome still advocated the natural beauty of women. Girls in the Roman Empire wore corsets. Tie a piece of cloth in front of your chest to cover up your shame. That's the most primitive bra. The "Sweater Girl" Trend Represented by Monroe And the rise of the "bullet bra." The outbreak of the Second World War. A large number of female workers are pouring into the factory. In order to provide support and protection for their bodies, bra has evolved again and again! Military elements have been integrated into the fashion and design of bra, such as bullet bra, torpedo bra and other cool bra. In the 1950s, with the prosperity of the western consumer market, great changes have taken place in women's aesthetic trends and consumption patterns after the war. Underwear is also further involved in the struggle and conflict between people's social identity and body control. The primary use of underwear has also gradually transited from coping with the natural environment and maintaining social ethics to self-expression in the consumer society. That is to say, girls no longer wear underwear because it is convenient to work or because they are afraid of bumps, but because underwear is part of women's self-perception standards-I wear it because I like it, I wear it because I think it looks good, and I wear expensive clothes because it highlights my status and class. At that time, the most fashionable collocation was "bullet bra + tight sweater", and the queen of carrying goods was Marilyn Monroe, who was loved by all the people on earth. The upper body effect created by this combination is to make the cup size bigger and awl-shaped, sharp and full, a little aggressive, but sexy and seductive.
The aesthetic seems to have suddenly returned to the 19th century's plump breasts, fat hips and wasp waists. Girls are wearing soft sweaters, and the chest is a new force from the sweater, "bullet bra" is characterized by the chest into a pointed cone, the more pointed the better, this is the aesthetics of sweater girls. Madonna wears a classic look over a conical corset. Can't see many today, but they were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s. They were known as the Sweater Girls (various Hollywood actresses who wore tight sweaters over tapered or bullet-shaped bras), while Madonna stunned four people on her "Blonde Ambition" tour in a conical corset designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Madonna was not the first person to wear a conical bra, but she used her great influence and charm to make the style a symbol of that era. Katie Did was the first company to bring the bullet bra back to modern production in 1999, and since then, other companies have made their own versions of the iconic lingerie, according to the vintage lingerie company. Scroll down to collect vintage photos of mid-20th century women's styling bullet bras. Girl, if I could have your legs, I'd be happy to wear this weird bullet bra! One of the most beautiful women in history. Love Elizabeth Taylor. By the way, bloomers and waists were also popular items in the 1950s. The track of fashion is always a circle. Compared with a century and a half ago,seamstress measuring tape, the dazzling bra on the Victoria's Secret show today is more like a work of art, carrying the most beautiful vision of girls. Edit YT Edit Pictures from the Internet /Y T Original may not be reproduced without permission/ Contact Us [email protected] If you have any questions, please email us back to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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