mud pump Manifold Strainer Pulsation Dampener Best-all supplies suction and discharge manifold for OEM and Southwest fluid end complete.
The suction manifold are made by welding seamless pipes.
The discharge manifold are made by casting alloy steel for 5000PSi or by one-piece forged alloy steel for 7500PSi fluid end, OEM or Southwest fluid end.
All the suction manifolds and the discharge manifolds are pressure-tested after machining to ensure no leakage.
100% interchangeable standard OEM and Southwes fluid end as below mud pumps
Mud Pump BrandMud Pump Model
BOMCOF-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, F-1600HL, F-2200HL
HonghuaHHF-500, HH F-800, HHF-1000, HHF-1300, HHF-1600, HHF-1600HL, HHF-2200HL
EMSCOF-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, FB-1300, FB-1600, FC-1600
Gardner DenverPAH, PZ-7, PZ-8, PZ-9, PZ-10, PZ-11
NationalSouthwest 12-P-160, 14-P-220
TSCWF-700, WF-1000, WF-1300, WF-1600, WF-2000, WF-2200
WeatherfordMP-5, MP-8, MP-10, MP-13, MP-16,mud pump Manifold Strainer Pulsation Dampener

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