Crocodile Saddle Bag price COMPANY INFORMATION
Xinyuan Company is an trading company engaged in Fashional products, like HandbagsbackpacksWaist bagLeather Belt^etc. After more than 8 years effort, we have had a good reputations in our supplier systems. Based on the big support from our supplier system, we get more competitives in PriceDeliveryDesignsample and payment terms^etc. Meantime, We could provide our customers more choices according to their market demands. Welcome to contact us for OEM ODM or develop new designs together or develop new markets together. We look forward to cooperating with you.
office 2
Meeting room
ctn packing
material warehouse 1
material warehouse 2
channel between two plant
outside of facory
outside of our plant 1
outside of our plant 2
outside of plant
Ready to delivery
Semi-finished products area
working plant 1
working plant 2
working plant 3
working plant 4
working plant 5
The company S sincerity, strength and product quality and product quality have been recognized by the industry .Welcome friends from all around world to visit,guide and business negotiation
Sample roomCrocodile Saddle Bag price

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