Corrugated Floor Protection suppliers Product introduction
Corrugated plastic rolls are a non-polluting, recyclable and environmentally friendly material made from polypropylene (PP), a high-density polypropylene material that is melted at high temperatures and machine extruded into sheets. They have good strength and durability due to the many evenly distributed holes in the middle of the sheet that support the surface. Used to protect wooden and tiled floors. In the construction industry in the USA, Australia and the European Union, home improvement companies use our corrugated plastic rolls for aesthetic and branding purposes by printing their own company logos on them. The corrugated plastic rolls are easy to use and can be applied by simply laying them flat on the floor and taping them together.
1. Appearance: flat, glossy and colourful. 2.
2. Durable: high quality, waterproof, folding, easy to shape, light weight, impact resistant, moisture resistant, etc.
3. Environmentally friendly: easy to clean, non-toxic, anti-corrosive and recyclable.
Effective protection for floors, doors, walls and windows
Lightweight, strong, waterproof, non-toxic and resistant to chemicals
Easy to cut, crease and bend
Size: conventional thickness 2-4mm, common sizes 1*2m, 1.22*2.44m, 1.8*2.3m can be customised
How to use
1. Construction workers walk on the floor during construction. Construction workers think that laying the floor is to complete the task, walking around and stepping on it at will, resulting in stains or scratches on the floor. 2. Subsequent workers dirty the floor when painting and gluing, and generally do not clean it immediately, so that the stains penetrate the floor. If the floor surface is not sealed tightly, the stains will form black spots or black lines on the floor after penetration, which is difficult to remove.
1 Do not rush to sew the tiles on the walls and floor when they are not dry, so as to avoid artificial loosening and uneven tiles, which will affect the construction effect.
2 Do not walk or stack miscellaneous objects before the tiles are dried to avoid loose, uneven tiles.
3 tile pavement after the ground, covered with a good protective film on the tiles.
Not only can prevent sand abrasion of the floor during renovation, but also effectively prevent paint and paint dripping onto the tile surface, causing ground pollution. As mentioned above, the protection of the finished decoration during construction is a very detailed task and only a few of the more important aspects are now listed for addition.

Q: How soon can we expect to receive the goods?
We will arrange production once the order and payment have been confirmed and we will arrange production and book space for shipment 7-15 days in advance of the goods being ready.
Q: How can I get a sample?
Samples are usually free of charge, customers will need to pay for shipping.
Q: Can I get a price list of your products?
Please provide thickness, colour, weight (gsm), raw material requirements, application etc. We will provide you with a quotation as soon as possible.Corrugated Floor Protection suppliers

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