Vertical Bike Rack suppliers Accommodate all kinds of cycles
Offer high security, as both the wheels and the frame, can be locked to the rack
Can be single or back-to-back
All Two Tier bike racks are manufactured against your dimensions and room layout at no extra cost. As well as our standardised products, we鈥檙e able to create bespoke designs from scratch and customise a cost-effective solution for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help.
Parking Centres of 305mm
Galvanised steel tube section, bar and plate
Available overground or underground fixing, in many sizes
Optional bolts for fixing together and to the ground can also be purchased
What kind of finish do you provide for your goods?
---A.Electro galvanized/Zinc plated: the zinc serves as a sacrificial anode( indoor storage)
B.Hot dip galanized: it forms a coating of corrosion resistant zinc
(indoor and outdoor storage)
C.Powder coating: a type of coating that is applied as a free flowing, dry powder
(indoor/outdoor storage)
What is the loading capacity?
In general, we have light duty(100~300kg) model,medium duty(400~800kg) model and heavy duty(1000~1700kg) model available for your choice.Vertical Bike Rack suppliers

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