ChinaCarbonManganeseDesulfurManufacturs Company Profile
We are a professional metallurgical company from China, with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons of workshop. The company has a long-term engaged in import and export business of professional foreign trade team of experts, knowledge comprehensive, diligence, energetic. Our customers come from all over the world, such as the east Asia and southeast Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Since its establishment, we always adhere to the principle of customer first, strictly the quality and service the key point, anyang jin rong metallurgy co., LTD. Always at your service.
The factory
The factory
The factory
CEO's Message
The high service is as same important with the high quality of products
------DR. LI
Development History
Anyang jin rong metallurgy co., LTD., formerly jin rong metallurgy factory, focus on rare metal mining and processing, with the support of experience and technology, we have enough ability to do foreign trade, under the much-anticipated, jin rong metallurgy company set up foreign trade.
Organizational Structure
R&D Capability
Jin rong metallurgical research institute and jin rong metallurgy factory, has two production base, two key laboratory and a metallurgical materials testing center, has dozens of senior researchers. Together with the institutions of higher learning, enterprises committed to the metallurgical new materials, new technology, new craft, new product development and application.
Industry Status
Anyang jin rong metallurgy co., LTD., since its establishment is acclaimed, high-quality products, high-quality service attitude, advanced production technology, make our outstanding among the colleagues, as the leading enterprise in China's metallurgical industry, leading the development of China's metallurgical export road our obligatory.
Corporate Strategy
Fully assess the situation, insight into market demand, adjust the focus of work in the constant change, in order to show the world the export of China metallurgical technology and service for the ultimate strategic.
Company Mission
Through continuous development and foreign trade, make the world more and more areas will be able to use to metallurgical products in China, and China's high quality products and services to the world, let the world feel power in China, this is our highest mission.
Corporate Vision
Construction to become the world first-class metallurgical company in satisfy all consumers.
Company Philosophy
Treat work earnestly the original state of mind is on every little thing, tend to be in tiny events reflects the spirit of a person's firm, with serious heart to work, with a sincere heart to treat customers
Company Values
Anyang jin rong metallurgy co., LTD always uphold the principle of the customer first, adhere to the good faith management, concentric counterparts cohesion and win-win. We always believe that as long as keep a good faith management perfect beginner's mind, we will be able to go furtherChinaCarbonManganeseDesulfurManufacturs

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