Original Title: 26 Photos Record the Real Work Scene of Underground Miners: They Support More Than One Home! Living in the small city of Shenmu We do not have the affectation of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, nor the affectation of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, but we have the same attitude. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur photographer Please tell us the sacred tree you see in the form of pictures. "Illustration of the Divine Tree" lets us see a different divine tree. Here is your story, and also the story of Shenmu. Illustration of Shenmu | Submission mailbox [email protected]. Into the Coal Miner Coal miners, with their calloused, rough hands, which have never been washed clean but are "cleaner" than many decent people, have given light and heat to China. Expand the full text As we all know, coal miners are very hard, and among all the types of work, the first-line underground coal miners are the hardest, and other types of work are less hard in turn according to their distance from the mining face. In standard mines, the working hours of underground coal miners are 8 hours, and when the task is tight, they work in three shifts, each shift is 8 hours. Irregular mining will be extended to 12 hours, which is basically the physiological limit of miners. In the preparation process before going down the well, the standard coal mine should change clothes, including underwear. It is not only because the underground is dirty, but also to prevent the friction of personal clothes from generating static electricity and sparking in the underground to cause gas explosion. Foreign countries need to receive professional iron head mining boots, especially heavy, domestic generally only high-top mining boots, waterproof but not helpful for falling objects. Receive personal miner's lamp (charged the day before),Tapered Rock Bit, mine cap and self-rescue oxygen generator. The team leader on duty is responsible for a group of miners, including reminding new miners that all electronic equipment, except those issued by the mine, is strictly prohibited from going down to prevent gas explosions. I remember that the first time I went to the coal mine, I was just eight years old. When my mother took me to visit relatives at my aunt's home in Sandaogou Village, Xigou, my cousin took me to the coal mine supermarket to buy spicy food. The memory of eighteen years ago is really vague now, there is only one wellhead in the mine, the office buildings in the mine are brick kilns,overburden drilling systems, the miners'dormitories are caves, the coal trucks are tricycles, and later it is "three to four" to the present belt transmission and transportation. But the memory of the same is "black", everywhere is black, black … Miners walk nearly two hours a day to the underground working face to mine coal, all of which are manual coal mining, without mechanized operations. Later, when I was a little older, my grandfather took me to my aunt's house and pointed to the mouth of the mine on the half slope and told me, "Your father works in the mine." Only then did I know that my father was an ordinary coal miner. My grandfather told me that my father worked 12 to 15 hours underground every day, which was very hard. To mine coal on the working face, it is necessary to first support pillars on the roadway, drill holes with drills, and finally blast coal. At first, my father had to push the mine car from the underground to the outside manually, and it cost less than 9 yuan to push a car of coal. With the development of time and the progress of science and technology, there are tractors, down the hole bit ,mining dth bit, "three to four" pulling coal and loaders loading coal. According to my grandmother later, when my father was young, he didn't want to work underground as a miner. He always said, "It's dark, he can't see anything, he's afraid.." But he is the eldest of five children in his family, and he has to take on this responsibility, take care of his younger brother and sister, and earn money to support the family. Later, when my father left, my fifth uncle warned me at his funeral that I must study hard. When your father was a miner for fifteen years, he was very conscientious. At that time, I was just twenty-three or twenty-four, and I was very reluctant to work underground. At that time, his father lit a cigarette and told him after a silence: "What's wrong with the underground?"? I haven't done it for more than ten years. It's not easy to have a job, so you should be satisfied. The fifth uncle recalled. Father once said, "People in the well work with their heads on their belts every day, and they will lose their lives if they are not careful." He told me to study hard, and in his heart, he didn't want my only son to follow in his footsteps. In the three years since my father left, I have always remembered what he said. The first time I went underground was in Shendong Shangwan Coal Mine in 2014 to visit underground production.
The second time I went down the well was in June 2015 when I interviewed Mr. Yadong, the author of "Coal Mine Trilogy", "Coal Boss in Northern Shaanxi", "Wind Rising Maowusu" and "Coal Mine Children" in Zhangjiamao Coal Mine of Shennan Mining Industry. He walked underground for three hours and talked to the front-line coal miners and the author Yadong on the working surface. Now they basically do not walk down the well, and the general means of transportation are rubber-tyred vehicles and pickup trucks. Sometimes there are several modes of transportation working together underground. It usually takes more than an hour to go down the well to the working face, and the means of transportation on the road are very convenient and safe. In Shenmu, there are few guns for coal mining, and now shearers are generally used, with more equipment and fewer people. The working face is supported by hydraulic single prop, double-body prop, π-type beam and plastic woven mesh. The photos you see today are captured by the camera during the five hours I worked with the miners in Shiyangou Coal Mine on March 1 this year. This is the real working scene and state of coal miners in new and standardized coal mines in the 21st century. The five hours of work with the miners was short. However, when you walk into them, talk with them and communicate with them, their simple quality and ordinary life will surely infect you. In July 2016, I stepped out of the system, entered the coal industry, worked in the coal boss network, and became a coal man in the new era. When the coal price rises and the coal market ushers in a new climax, we should not forget every coal miner. I have deep feelings with coal mines and miners, and more respect for my father's generation of coal miners! Photographer profile Wang Ning (WeChat sxwn090877), born in 1991 in Shenmu, is the marketing director of the Coal Boss Network of Shaanxi Delin Coal Industry Group. He is a contracted writer of Travel magazine and a screenwriter of the urban emotional drama After Naked Marriage (first broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV in 2014). He is the author of "a paper famine year" and "doing what I want". Supporting education in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous Region, Sichuan Province in 2012; Obtained the qualification of national senior photographer in 2014; In 2014, he worked in Shenmu Newspaper, the Publicity Department of Shenmu County Committee; Obtain a press card in 2016; Since 2012, he has interviewed celebrities such as Ning Huaiyuan, Gao Jianqun, Xiao Yunru, Zhong Dysprosium, Xing Qingxin, Lin Xi, Zhou Huajian, Huang Qishan, Sun Junliang,dhd drill bit, Du Linhui and Gong Zhaoqing. Text: Shenmu Forum Xiao Shen said people's livelihood WeChat: xiaoshen is 719300. Suggestions, contributions, advertising cooperation plus God teacher WeChat sls13084832201 Guess you like it Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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