Zhang Yu called me and said, "I won money playing mahjong yesterday. I'll invite you to dinner later." "Thanks, I did it myself!" I am grateful that he still remembers me, and occasionally a phone call or a greeting makes me feel more cordial. Should I go to your place to get some food? He said, "I heard laughter and cheers on his side, and there was a faint singing." This is a simple meal. I'm afraid your eldest young master is not used to it. Where are you? What a noise! "I'm working out with some brothers in Fengya!"! Are you coming? He asked casually. Don't go I closed the line. At lunch, Zhang Yu came. Is it so rich to eat alone? "You have to eat alone!" He pinched a few bamboo shoots with his hand and put them in his mouth. "Well, they taste good!" "You go out to eat delicacies!"! Don't come after me! "So stingy!"! Isn't it just a matter of adding a pair of chopsticks? Zhang Yu grabbed my chopsticks, "I grabbed them with you today!"! You went to my place and ate less of mine? Drink mine? "When did I go to your place to eat and drink?" "Yes, it seems that I seldom go there!" "Never been there!" Why don't you eat something and go to Happy Valley with you? Who told me to burn the money when I won? Zhang Yu said as he ate that a plate of bamboo shoots was almost eaten up by him. Save some for me! I quickly grabbed it and ate it hard! Happy Valley is newly opened, I heard that the fun projects are very exciting, I have long wanted to come, but I feel very boring, since Zhang Yu is willing to come, I am also happy to have a companion! Zhang Yu pulled me onto the roller coaster, "This should be fun, much longer than the octagonal amusement park!" I hesitated and said, "I don't think we should play this. How dangerous it is!" " But I want to play! The excited expression on his face is hard to refuse. I will sacrifice my life to accompany the gentleman, "then play!" When the roller coaster started,drive in racking system, I screamed all the time, and the strange flying feeling I had never had before replaced the fear. I laughed and shouted Zhang Yu's name, maybe too excited, so the voice was "octopus!" When the roller coaster stopped, I pulled Zhang Yu and said, "It's exciting, let's play again!" He jumped out like a fire on his buttocks and vomited in the open space. What's the matter? I stroked his back. His face was sallow,warehousing storage solutions, pointing to the roller coaster with a deep hatred, "I was dizzy when I played this when I was a child, but I didn't expect to be dizzy now!" I'm more dizzy! Are you dizzy and ask me to play? As he was speaking, a young man with a child came up next to him. He said to Zhang Yu, "Sir, can you ride a roller coaster with my little nephew?" Of course, I stood up with a sense of justice, "He just vomited, I'll do it!" Seeing me and the child get off the roller coaster, Zhang Yu breathed a sigh of relief and said, "This is too dangerous. You'd better not play next time. I'm frightened to watch it below!" I laughed, did not expect Zhang Yu such a big man, actually afraid to play roller coaster! When Zhang Yu saw me laughing, he said, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, "You used to laugh!" Of course I will laugh, but there are too many unhappy things some time ago, and I forgot how to laugh! Zhang Yu gawked at me and said, "You look good when you smile!" "You look silly when you laugh!" I hit him on the head. Can I be as stupid as you? He knocked me back. I say: "You are small a bit of strength, knock silly you are in charge of?" I'm in charge! I'm afraid you don't want to! He smiled and his eyes were full of calculation. I was stunned, "I said for fun!"! How interesting In the evening, Zhang Yu still invited me to have a meal, this person always said that won the money to burn the panic! I hit him hard with the determination to save the working people. He grinned and watched me eat a small bowl of bird's nest porridge for hundreds of yuan. He didn't care at all, but I was so distressed. It's not as good as the hot and sour noodles in Chengdu snacks. I complained as I ate.
"Then I'll treat you to hot and sour noodles tomorrow?" "Yes!" I promised casually, maybe after today when he will think of me again? If this bear's date is set, it's not set! As we ate, we talked about some trivial things. Zhang Yu's eyes were fixed on one place. I looked along the past. Oh, my God! That woman over there is called a beauty, tall and frivolous figure, bright eyes and white teeth, a smile, simply full of brilliance, so that I can not help feeling ashamed as a woman! "Wait for me," said Zhang Yu. He went over to say hello to the amazing beauty, and then they left together, talking and laughing. The guy who values sex more than friends, I scold him in my heart! After waiting for a while, I didn't come back, so I just left! The next day after work, as soon as I went out of the building, I met Xiao yuan coming in from the outside! Two people walked opposite, do not say hello rather affectation! Xiao yuan looked at me for a long time with a complicated look and asked, "Are you all right?" "Very good!" I smiled, but my eyes felt dry. To live alone, learn to take care of yourself! He sighed lightly, and then said: "For love, I never want to give up, but can not find the reason to insist." I never thought to insist, why give up but extremely reluctant to give up? I still smile, let the tears fall in the smile, Xiao yuan took out a tissue to help me wipe my tears, said: "You always love to cry and laugh!"! No restraint! I pushed aside his hand and rushed out of the gate, only to see Zhang Yu leisurely leaning on his car and waving to me! "Why are you here?" I wiped away my tears and asked him. Didn't we say we would invite you to eat hot and sour rice noodles today? He looked at me thoughtfully, then glanced at the figure behind the gate. Oh I thought he was just saying, "Why didn't you call me in advance?" "I left your cell phone here. How can I call it?" He shook my mobile phone. No wonder I didn't hear it today? I took my cell phone and Zhang Yu said, "Zhang Cheng called you last night!" "You didn't answer?" Of course not! Where do I have time to talk to him? I'm so busy! Are you busy chasing girls? Left me in the restaurant last night, left with the beauty and didn't come back! I sat in Zhang Yu's car and called Zhang Cheng back, "Monitor,push back racking system, what's the matter with me?" Zhang Cheng's laughing voice came, "There's a basketball game this Friday. I got two tickets. You go and watch it with me!" Because I promised to invite him to watch a basketball match before, but I never had a chance. This time I said I would accompany the monitor to watch it. jracking.com

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