"What?" Qi Tian stood up at once. This is not the place to talk. I'll tell you more when I get back. Sun Yu wisely did not say much, after all, there is a prostitute and three hooligans here. When Qi Tian heard that Ouyang Feifei had had an accident, he couldn't wait until he got home. So he pulled out four silver needles and shot them at the neck of the massage girl and the three hooligans. In the blink of an eye, the four of them fell asleep. My God, Xiao Tian, what kind of Kung Fu are you doing? Song Jun looked incredibly at several sleeping hooligans. Sun Yu did not see how Qi Tian shot, only to see Qi Tian's arm shaking, a few hooligans fell asleep, but Sun Yu did not show too much surprise like Song Jun. Now say it. At this time, Qi Tian's face was extremely ugly. Two months ago, Ouyang Feifei suddenly disappeared. When we went to her home to look for her, we found that her family had changed their bodyguards, and one of the bodyguards told us that Ouyang Feifei and her father had moved away. At that time, I felt something was wrong. So I went there in the evening and found that the manager was still there, but the owner had changed to a young man named Dong Yu. A few days later, Shenglong Group announced the resignation of Ouyang Feng. The new chairman is the one surnamed Dong. During this period of time,ultrasonic extraction cbd, I secretly inquired about it and found that things were not simple. Later, I went to Ouyang Feng's villa again and finally knew what the reason was. Sun Yu stopped when he said this. Go on! Qi Tian ordered with an expressionless face. Shenglong Group is controlled by Shengmen, right? Dong Yu used to be the vice chairman and general manager. When I went to the villa again, I happened to meet more than a dozen disciples of Shengmen coming out of the villa, so I followed them and heard the truth. Ouyang Feng was deposed, Ouyang Feifei was poisoned, and now I don't know whether he is alive or dead,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and all the disciples of the Holy Gate are looking for their father and daughter, as if to get rid of Ouyang Feng, if I'm not wrong, this is a power struggle, and Ouyang Feng lost.. "The little jade said no more." How did this happen? Qi Tian's eyes were red unconsciously, because Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Feifei were so important in his heart that Qi Tian had already regarded them as his own relatives. Dong Yu? Qi Tian patted the bedside table as soon as his eyes were cold. Bang.. The bedside table becomes shattered, "Xiaotian, don't get excited. I know about this. We've been looking for them recently. Don't worry. I believe Ouyang Feifei will be all right." Song Jun stood up and comforted Qi Tian. If Feifei has something to do, I will personally kill Dong Yu's whole family, including his nine clans. Qi Tian did not look like a joke at all, his eyes inadvertently showed a trace of malice, and the jade pendant hanging around Qi Tian's neck suddenly turned red, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, but then disappeared. Damn it, why do you have to go to me? Someone kicked the door twice outside. Sun Yu, open the door! Qi Tian recovered and sat down again. Damn it, what's the matter with me? As soon as the door was opened by Sun Yu, Ah Pao's scolding came in, and Ah Pao was followed by more than ten younger brothers quarreling there. Eh? When Ah Pao saw Sun Yu, he suddenly felt a little familiar, but he couldn't remember where he had seen him. Don't you know? Why don't you come in? Sun Yu smiled kindly at Ah Pao. Damn it, who are you? The punks in the back quit and heard the little man let their boss go in by himself. What can they do? "Ah Pao, come in by yourself!" Qi Tian stood up and walked behind the little man and squeezed his eyes at Ah Pao. Ah A Pao recognized Qi Tian at once. He didn't expect Qi Tian to appear here, so he gave a subconscious cry. You go and take a shower. No one can come in without my permission. A Pao stared at his men behind him. Okay, boss, we're going to the sauna! After hearing the boss's orders, a dozen or so hoodlums went downstairs to take a bath, talking and laughing. Brother Tian. I When Ah Pao came in, he didn't know what to say to Qi Tian.
"Pao elder brother, you are really alive, too good, thank you for saving my life, I owe you a life in this life.." Qi Tian said and bowed deeply to Ah Pao. Don't. Brother Tian, I volunteered. I'm relieved to see you're all right. A Pao is a little stiff. Haha, I don't care about those dozen killers. Qi Tian smiled a little arrogantly. Brother Tian, what are you doing today? A Pao asked, pointing to several hooligans who were lying there sleeping soundly. Ha ha, I just came back and planned to take a bath. I didn't expect them to blackmail me. Later, I heard that they were your subordinates, so I asked you to come over. Brother Pao is now promoted? Qi Tian asked with a smile. The peanut didn't kill me. After a few months in the hospital, the boss.. When Ah Pao talked about the boss, he immediately changed his tune and said, "Feng Laoliu promoted me to the head of the hall in the Eastern District. Now he is responsible for more than a dozen nightclubs and several places for bathing and disco." A Pao looked at Qi Tian with a little embarrassment after he finished. Ha-ha, it's a blessing in disguise, Brother Pao. Congratulations! "Brother Tian, don't call me Brother Pao. Just call me Ah Pao. That's what people on the road call me." "No, you have to call me Brother Pao. That's my respect for you." "Well, it's up to you, Brother Tian, can I take these boys with me?"? I'll go back and teach them a good lesson. A Pao pointed at several hooligans. No, Old Song has already taught them a lesson just now. By the way, Brother Pao, I want to ask you about someone. It suddenly occurred to Qi Tian that maybe Ah Pao could know Ouyang Feng's whereabouts. After all,ultrasonic generator driver, the underworld has an unknown channel. Who "Ouyang Feng and his daughter!" "You're looking for them, too?" A Pao looked a little surprised. "Why, is there anyone else to look for?" Qi Tian grabbed Ah Pao's hand with some excitement.

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