Neck Massager factory
Product Name锛?/strong>Neck Traction Massager for Rehabilitation Therapy JKAH-3
Product Description锛?/strong>
ALPHAY's cervical care device is a excellent domestic physiotherapy equipment.which is integrated function of smart electrical impulse,heating,intelligent air traction,magnetic effect We try to provide a comfortable condition to your cervical vertebra, to train the neck in correct posture. It's applicable to different people,and makes people enjoy with different user experience.

Product Parameters 锛?/strong>
NameBack Massager, Lumbar Traction Device
Model NumberJKAH-3
ColourBlack Or Customized
Rated Voltage220V AC
Working voltage12V DC
Rated Power24W
Rated working time15 mins
Temperature44鈩? 42鈩? 40鈩?/p>
Electrical pulse (frequency/width)1-300Hz/100-500渭s
After-sale ServiceReturn and Replacement
TypeMassage Mattress, Body Massager
FunctionAir Traction, Massage, Thermal Therapy, Phototherapy
ApplicabilityLower Back Pain, Muscle Relax
Product Features
1.Dynamic Neck Traction Device
The traditional static cervical traction device can only fix the cervical spine for traction. The third-generation cervical spine traction device (with dynamic airbag), based on hyperthermia, relaxes the compressed cervical spine through up and down reciprocating lifting, exercises the cervical spine, and improves the symptoms of neck stiffness.
2. Neck Heating Therapy
3 adjustable temperature settings(104鈩? 113鈩? 122鈩?(40鈩? 45鈩? 50鈩?, apply soothing heat therapy to aching neck muscles, drive away from the cold and dampness of the neck, and provide heat for the muscles. Increase blood flow, relieve soreness, numbness, swelling, pain, and relax the cervical spine.
3. Low-frequency pulse massage
3-5 cm deep into the skin, reaching the pain point, regulating the nervous system, dredging the meridians, and relieving pain.
4. External massage cushion
Two external electrode massage pads can be applied to many other parts of the body, such as legs, back, joints, arms, etc.
5. Silent design
The air pump is located inside the controller, away from the human body, reducing noise and creating a more comfortable environment.
Control Panel锛?/strong>
Packaging & Delivery
Healthcare supply mini neck electric massager
1 set/box 2.75 kgs (50*28.5*30CM)
4 sets/carton 11 kgs (70*51.5*30CM)
1000 sets per 20GP
2040 sets per 40GP
2400 sets per 40HQNeck Massager factory

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