Action Figures quotation PVC Action Figure is made of Poly Vinyl Chloride, with characteristics of soft and feels more real than garage kits. With a complete production line, our company is famous for rapid manufacturing. And we are providing service in PVC Action Figure Custom Service, from 3d drawing, manufacturing, assembling, coloring to finished products.
ItemPVC Action Figure
Areas coveredPVC Action Figure Design service, Action Figure 3d printing service, Designer toys, 3d File Drawing Service, Moving Doll, Educational Toy, Electronic Game Toy, Office Toy, Mechanical Skill Toy, Advertising Toy etc.
Technologies3d printing, vacuum casting, vinyl, injection
ApplicationsConcept Models prototype
Presentation Model prototype
Prototype Design & Engineering Verification
Prototype Development & Early Market Research
Low-Volume Manufacturing & Rapid Tooling
Assembly and Inspection Fixtures
TreatmentsBrushing, Silk Screening, Assembling Painting,Plating
Feature And Application
Rapid prototype PVC Action Figure
Provide one-stop service including appearance design, 3d modeling, prototype production, mold development.
1. PVC Action Figure
We offer 3D Files Drawing Service, which in STP/STL Format. Just offer us your design (like above锛歛 painting or a 2D picture), we draw the 3D file for you, and the 3D file could be repeatedly modified until customer鈥檚 satisfied.
2. Providing Toy Disassembling & Assembling Service
3. Provide customized coloring
4. Available small batch and mass production
We are specialized in Resin, PU and PVC figure manufacturing;
Small batch like 10-200 sets, PU or PVC materials are also applicable;
Mass production like 200-1000 sets, resin material is also applicable.Action Figures quotation

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