Wholesale Laser Marking Machine Product Introduction
BESTJET Fiber Laser Marking Machine is a technique which uses computer-controlled laser beam to leave permanent mark on the surface of various kinds of object. The working principle of this product is to use light amplication to cause chemical effect or burn part of the material to mark letters, symbols, bar codes, and other graphics on an object.
BESTJET Fiber Laser Marking Machine is mainly composed of fiber laser, laser scanning galvanometer and controller. The fiber laser has the advantages of small size, high quality beam, no maintenance and etc. The output center wavelength of fiber laser is 1064 nm and the life time is around 100,000 hours. Compared with other king of laser, fiber laser has a longer life time.
Machine Advantages
1. It can mark both metallic and nonmetallic material, especially those material with high hardness, high melting point or brittle material.
2. It has high processing speeds, low operation cost, constant high quality and durability of the results, high flexibility in automation. Laser marking is a perfect choice for mass production.
3. Laser marking machine is non contact type of marking so it doesn't produce stress on the materials. It will not alter the physical properties of the materials processed.
4. Laser is clean and safe process as it is chemical-proof, water-proof, oil, grease and fuel proof.
5. As the laser beam spot size (after focusing) is small, the heat-affected zone is much smaller, thus allowing it to achieve fine processing that other conventional methods cannot.
6. Laser marking machine is a flexible process as one can mark texts, alphanumeric, logos, bar codes, graphics, images, 2D data matrix code, etc.
7. It is a user-friendly and cost effective marking solution as virtually no consumables.
8. Laser marking machine enhances the aesthetical & monetary value of products by making it more attractive & eye catching.
Machine Applications
Fiber Laser Marking Machine is widely used in most kinds of products in different industries, such as integrated circuit chip, computer accessories, industrial bearings, watches and clocks, electronic and telecommunication products, aerospace parts, auto parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molding, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco, etc.
Machine Specifications
Laser GunSolid-state Fiber LaserRaycus/IPG/Others
Scanning GalvanometerProfessional Digital Scanning Galvanometer with high seep motoHigh Speed Motor
Focus SystemTwo Red Light with accurate positionTwo Red Light
Indication SystemInner Outline IndicationRed Outline Indication
Cooling SystemBuilt-in Air CoolingAir Cooling
Controller CardProfessional marking software
Static: EZCAD with desktop or laptop
Fly: Integrated Industry Touch Screen10.4 Inch Touch Screen for Fly Marking
Technical Parameter
Laser Power15W20W30W50W
Laser Wavelength1064nm
Laser Frequency20K HZ-80KHZ
Linear Speed8000mm/s max
Marking Size70*70mm/110*110mm/175*175mm/200*200mm/300*300mm (others)
Min Font Height0.2 MM
Min Line width0.01 MM
Repetition Accuracy卤0.002 MM
Marking Depth鈮? MM (Depend on the material)
Overall Power鈮?00W
Overall DimensionStatic 60*80*135CM / Fly 57*66*155CM
WeightAround 75KG
Power Supply220V/50HZ/5A/1P
Cooling SystemBuilt-in Air Cooling
Operation SystemWin 7 / Win XP/BESTJET Professional marking software
Control InterfaceStandard USB Interface
Laser Gun ModelPulse Fiber Laser
File Format SupportSupport file from CORELDRAW銆丄UTOCAD銆丳HOTOSHOP directly. Support AI銆丳LT銆丳CX銆丏XF銆丅MP file.
Support all fonts from windows system. Support automatic coding, serial no, batch no, real time, variable barcode and QR code and databases.
Work EnvironmentsTemperature:10-40鈩冿紝Humidity:10%-90% No Condensation
Marking Sample Show
Static Fiber Laser Marking MachinePortable Fiber laserFly Marking with Conveyor
Plastic Charger AccessoriesLightPlastic products
Graphics on AluminumPainted SteelBarcode on Steel
Painted SteelBlack PlasticDate on Plastic BagWholesale Laser Marking Machine

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