I escaped alone and was chased by them to the Juma River, where I was beaten and fainted. It was night, and they thought I was dead, so they threw me into the river. The water was biting and woke me up. After I climbed up the bank, I hid. Then they found me, and they made my face dirty. I also wanted to go to the government to complain, but.. 。“ I stayed here for a few days and got to know brother Miao and several other people. Later, brother Miao even knew about me when I was talking in my sleep. I entrusted him to help me find out the news. But what I expected was that I had impetuous greed in my spiritual practice, so that I fell into the demon barrier and wanted to steal the magic weapon of the living Buddha. After my failure, I killed my mother and wife and fled to other places. This incident was not only witnessed by many monks in the meeting, but also passed on vividly by many believers. Even the government confirmed my accusation. The students followed them for a long time, and they knew that they were powerful. They could say that the black was white, and that the dead was alive. If I come forward to lodge a complaint, I will be sentenced to death by the government immediately, and they have countless witnesses and material evidence to convict me. "My Lord, not only the officials and gentry in Bazhou, but also many of the common people are their followers. Those who go to the capital to be officials and those who leave the capital to let the local officials go,teardrop pallet racking, many of them will come to these demon monks to predict their future before they take up their posts. Many princes and nobles in the capital often send people to offer incense and ask the Buddha to pray. I know that my desire for revenge is a delusion, and I just want to fight for my life and atone for my sins.". Your honor is now Guogong. If you want to punish the four demon monks, the local government will not dare to disobey them. Although they want to become immortals and Buddhas, they cherish the splendor and wealth in front of them. But All those ordinary people who hope for the afterlife. Nearly ten thousand devout believers, if you dare to touch the four demon monks, even if they will not rebel, there will be a large number of fanatical believers surrounding your Yamen,shuttle rack system, coercing officials to release people by arson, self-mutilation and self-abuse. In the first month of the lunar year, if it really leads to such a tragedy, I'm afraid that even with the authority of adults, it will be impeached by many officials, and the noble princes who believe in demon monks will take the opportunity to come forward again.. 。“ Cult! Yang Ling gave a cold rebuke and said, "Don't they boast that they have the ability to reach heaven and earth?"? If I am caught by some of my mortal men. Will those people still believe that they are true Buddhas and have true abilities? "Letter!"! Just say that you can't bear to kill, that you want to save all living beings with great Buddha's heart and great compassion, and that you want to influence ignorance and bear all the sufferings on behalf of the believers, and they will be moved to tears. "Mu Shengyuan said with a wry smile," There are really few people like me among their believers. ". A few people heard Liu Da's mallet in an incredible way. It shouldn't be like this. Now that you have blown yourself up to heaven and earth and are omnipotent, but as soon as the officers and soldiers arrive, metal racking systems ,asrs warehouse, they will be caught immediately, and the cowhide will not be punctured immediately? Will there be so many people convinced? Did you take the medicine? Yang Ling believes that those who have been bewitched can not be inferred by common sense. Yang Ling pondered for a long time and then said slowly, "You expect me to avenge you, but you go out of your way to tell me how powerful they are. It seems that you have a lingering fear of their ability to confuse the people.". Ha ha, you can rest assured, how many evil spirits have taken down the Duke of this country, do not believe that they can not deal with these false immortals. He turned to walk out and said to the big mallet, "Take him back and let Mu Shengyuan and the Miao brothers ride in the same sedan chair.". Let's stroll all the way back. As soon as Liu Da's mallet heard this, he said, "Our commander in chief used to go out, but he was sure to pick up a big girl when he went out for a stroll. This time is good.". I picked up two beggars in two days, and the mansion of the Duke of Wei has been changed into a charity hall! "What should I do?". It is clearly known that they are fakes, but it is too difficult to move them. Later generations have dealt with cults, and the momentum of propaganda and exposure has been overwhelming. There are still countless people who are unrepentant. It is no different from a fool's dream to hold a street meeting to persuade those ignorant people. As long as there is a slight disturbance, those landlords and landlords will take the opportunity to stir up again, which may lead to a popular revolt.
But can we sit back and watch these magic sticks squeeze money and sex and cheat people out of their homes? "Their desires are hard to fill. Now they are still satisfied with being living immortals in Bazhou. As their power and influence grow bigger and bigger, God knows if it will be another Maitreya religion. Once it develops to that point, it will have to go to war. At that time, I don't know how many people will be harmed. But how can we punish these cult leaders now without attracting a strong reaction from those ignorant people?" "Foolish people, foolish women, alas!"! Being cheated of money and sex, but also willing to be driven, poor people must have something to hate. "Yang Ling frowned back to the mansion and saw dozens of yamen officers walking out with their bedding rolls in their arms. As soon as the two flag officers behind him saw Yang Ling, they said with a sad face," My Lord, you can come back. ". Yang Ling looked at it and said in surprise, "Huh?"? Where are you going? [Heavenly Kiss Hand Strikes] The flagman said pitifully, "a big girl came to Beijing and brought nearly a thousand people. She said that the backyard was your residence and that she must protect us closely." They all rushed to the front yard. The back yard was originally the main house where the master of the family lived. Neither the fire wall nor the environment of the house was comparable to that of the servants in the front yard. Of course, they were not very happy. Liu looked at Yang Ling with his small eyes and said to himself, "So I guessed wrong. I don't have to pick it up this time. The big girl sent it to me by herself." "A girl came to Beijing with more than a thousand soldiers." Who has such great ability? Is Yuner here? She won't show up in public and make a lot of noise. Who else can it be? It's not the princess herself, is it? Yang Ling asked in surprise: "Can she explain her identity?" The flag officer coughed and said dryly, "The girl has a decree of the seal, saying that she is the commander of the imperial bodyguard, the guardian of the imperial nunnery, and the general of Song Xiaoai Song.". Hearing a laugh, Yang Ling quickly rushed to the back house, and Liu Da grinned with a mallet. He looked up to the sky and threw away the two beggars who were holding them with their left and right hands, and chased them in excitedly. The two independent beggars of the Golden Rooster shook and held each other hurriedly, making up a complete person,heavy duty metal racking, looking at each other in astonishment. "Woman," said Mu Shengyuan. Or general, rare! Only a strange man like Lord Yang often has such strange things around him! 。

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